Woman on the Street: A Campfire in the Darkness


We’d been too long in the city. Our showers were regular. Our routines well-worn. Our dreams increasingly circumscribed by what we could search for on the Internet and click to from our social media feeds. So when our old neighbors texted that there was a cabin up for grabs at their annual gathering in the woods, we didn’t hesitate to claim it. We drove up Thursday night, and I planned to do a bit of work on Friday before unplugging. My search for ‘coffee shop with wifi’ yielded a McDonald’s, casino restaurant, and a truck stop. Perfect. It’s increasingly more difficult to get [...]

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Recipes: Reset and Reboot


by Lisa Nogueira I know it sounds a little odd, but I actually really like cleansing. I typically do a cleanse with each season change. I don’t see it as deprivation or “giving up” anything, I see it as putting attention on the health of my body and filling my body with nutrients and what will make it thrive. At the same time, I want to let go of what doesn’t serve my body’s greater good. It’s a test; a conversation with my body. What does my body thrive on, and what makes me feel sluggish or less than awesome? When we tune [...]

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Spring Into the Art of Being


by Maria Sylveter Being, not doing, is my first joy. ~Theodore Roethke Spring is upon us! And as nature is welcoming in this time of glorious new beginnings, perhaps you too will be inspired for some fresh starts. The spring season, with buds blooming and birds chirping, invites us toward healthier living. Listen. I’m sure you will hear the calling! Healthy living, to me, includes valuing playtime and just being time as much as work and productive time. We are human beings, not human doings, as the saying goes. So why not use the gift of spring’s arrival as the time you begin [...]

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Spring Is in the….Hair


by Ryan Brooks Finally, Spring is here and I am sure all of us couldn't be more excited. Let’s face it, the last months of winter were long and who isn't ready for a fresh new spring look? What better way to celebrate the sunshine than with a brighter look. I absolutely love to give my clients the option of enhancing their base color with a more natural sun-kissed look. There are many different approaches to achieve this particular look, and one of my personal beliefs to achieve a natural look is to stay roughly two shades lighter than your base level, especially [...]

Spring Is in the….Hair2018-04-02T13:13:29-04:00
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