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by Sharon Marie Surrender. That word came into my awareness the moment I thought about what to write about next. Soon after, I was looking for something on a bookshelf downstairs and was drawn to a journal. I had not opened it in years and couldn’t remember what that journal was for (as I have accumulated many journals over the years, each having their special purpose). You know what I found when I opened that journal? A list of ‘Seven Steps of Conscious Change’. Coincidentally, the last step on the list was ‘surrender!’ This word was speaking to me. Now to listen and [...]

Amp Up the Flavor with Essential Oils

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by Lisa Profera, MD Anyone who knows me knows that I love to cook. When I discovered that I can add essential oils to my food, I was not only excited, but I quickly realized that it was more than a win-win situation. There are many compelling reasons to add essential oils (EOs) to your cooking repertoire. Not only can they amp up the flavor of any dish, they will simultaneously deliver numerous health benefits while being very economical. At a fraction of the cost of herbs, they are 100% natural — no artificial flavors, colors, or chemicals.   Please understand that not all brands of EOs are safe for ingestion; the vast majority are not. Don’t think [...]

Master Your Meal Prep | Recipes

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by Lisa Nogueira How do you feel when you hear the term “meal prepping”? Confused? Intimidated? Annoyed? Well, hopefully I can help resolve some of the trepidation that many people have about meal prepping. Here I provide a few examples of meal prepping that we do in our house along with a couple example recipes.   First are some basic food prep strategies for having healthy eating options available throughout the week. The first recipe is for an easy-to-prepare and healthy ramen-style soup that can be stretched over a few meals. And the second recipe is for a deceptively easy pressure cooker chicken tagine recipe that tastes even better than it looks!    Meal Prepping Basics    Instead of preparing several meals in full, I like to make [...]

Woman on the Street | Asking Strangers If They’re Okay

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by Stephanie Saline On my way home walking the dog, a woman in a sweatshirt, sarong, and slippers shuffled down the middle of a fairly busy road. She was older, and clutching folded clothes in her arms. She looked distressed and lost.   I should back up: we live in a neighborhood that is home to many refugees. Ten thousand people from other countries have resettled in our city over the last ten years, and many of them live in five hundred previously vacant houses in our neighborhood. Mostly, they come from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Central Africa, and Eritrea.   This makes for the not-so-uncommon sight of women, men, and kids going about their days, colorful sarongs or headscarves (or [...]

Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley | Women Build

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Roughly 180 women have joined together to renovate a home in Ypsilanti for a local, hardworking woman as part of the Women Build project for Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley (Habitat Huron Valley). Fifteen teams of women have or will volunteer for a day March through May, and will build alongside the future homeowner during the 11th annual National Women Build initiative.    “Women Build is a great opportunity for local women and partners to rally together to learn new skills and complete a home for a local woman,” said Sarah Stanton, the Habitat Huron Valley Executive Director. “It is a great opportunity for women to take [...]

Dinnertime Drama

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by Randi Rubenstein “Dinnertime with my 3-year-old is a nightmare. She complains about EVERYTHING. She thinks I’m a short-order cook. I make her what she asks for, then she won’t even take a bite and places her “order” for something different. I am fed up and frustrated. How can I get her to stop acting like a dictator so we can have a peaceful dinner as a family?”  Dear Hardworking Mama,  I hear many stories just like yours, so please know you are not alone. I can tell you will go to great lengths to feed and nourish your little people.    Unfortunately, contrary to [...]

LEGACY | Trusting Your Gut with Susan Monroe

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 by Kristen Domingue We love the way Susan Monroe has created (and curated) a custom life for herself and custom interior designs for every client. What stands out about the way Susan works is the way she pairs her creativity and instinct with research and listening to her clients. The process of listening and learning has helped her stay in business for over 20 years. I’ve been in interior design ever since I graduated with my degree from Purdue. I did a lot of commercial contract work for 20 years of my career, mostly for architects and designers. I managed product design at [...]

Three Habits to Nourish Your Soul and Enrich Your Life!

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by Maria Sylvester There is a life-force within your soul, seek that life. There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine. O Traveler, if you are in search of that, don’t look outside, look inside yourself and seek that. ~Rumi So often, clients find their way to me for life coaching because of feeling overwhelmed or defeated by life. They long to feel vibrantly alive, inspired and reenergized. As the first order of the day, I always encourage them to consider establishing routines or habits that are soul-nourishing, life-affirming, and energy-inducing. A habit, I remind them, is defined [...]

Slaying in the Rain

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by Angela Harrison Spring has officially sprung, along with its unpredictable bouts of rain and mud. This is always a tricky season when it comes to proper outwear and footwear. Some days are cooler and damper than others, making raincoats and boots a necessity — which can be a huge drag. And while I can’t personally roll out a red carpet for you to cross from your car to the door of your destination (I’m only one woman, otherwise I’d totally be there for you, girl), I can help make that soggy trek a little dryer and brighter with the latest from this spring’s rain-wear lineup.   Raincoats and trenches do a fabulous job of [...]