5 Tips to Make the Most of Outside Summer Time

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By Ginny Yurich  Outside provides multi-faceted physical, social, mental, emotional, relational, and developmental benefits. In our busy world with all sorts of development-enhancing activities available for kids, it’s often easy to forget that one of the cheapest and easiest ways to help our children grow is simply to let them be outside. At 1000 Hours Outside, we are intentional about scheduling outside time into our week just as we would schedule in other activities. In a typical summer week, we try and schedule at least three extended days of outside play and then aim to get the family outside for some shorter chunks [...]

Maria Sylveter | Following Curiosity to Career

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by Kristen Domingue I started my coaching practice the same way I’ve done just about everything in my life — taking one inspired step after the next. I navigate these steps never quite knowing exactly where they will lead, but confident that if I trust myself, honoring my heart, intuition and inner wisdom, I’ll land it right! And I must say, establishing my coaching practice and founding the Life Empowerment Coaching & Healing Arts Center here in Ann Arbor has been one of my best landings thus far.   Even as a very young child, I was fascinated by people. Questions like, “Why was she [...]

Gather Your Friends Together, We’re Having a BBQ!

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By Lisa Nogueira   My favorite part of summer — besides the sunshine, the beach, swimming pools, and the attitude of leisure — is getting my friends together and having a backyard grill-out. With these recipes and a few tips, you can throw one together quickly and easily without compromising on flavor or health.    A good grill-out needs a few things: a killer dip, a signature mocktail/cocktail, a crowd-pleasing side dish, good music and friends . . . and the rest you leave to the grill!  Here’s your appetizer.  Layered Greek Hummus Dip  Ingredients:  Plain Hummus – 2 cups  Cucumber, diced – ½ cup  Red pepper, finely diced – ¼ cup  Kalamata olives, chopped – 1/3 cup  Mint, finely chopped – 2 tsp  Basil, finely chopped – 2 tsp  Feta cheese, crumbled – 1/3 cup  [...]

Kids Are More Alive Outside

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by Randi Rubenstein  This spring, we went on a family ski vacation in Colorado, where the days were sunny, the snow was fluffy, and the smell of marijuana was plentiful. Oh Colorado — why have you made being the parent of a teenager even harder? And more importantly, why didn’t you pass this law thirty years ago? I’m sort of just kidding.  In our regular life, my family lives in the concrete jungle of Houston Texas. Houston earned the title of the fattest city in America title a few years back. Impressive, right?  No, Houston doesn’t have a multimillion-dollar ad campaign (that I know of) attracting the couch potatoes of the world. It can be difficult to be active in [...]

Your Minimalist Lifestyle “Make-Under” 

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by Bridget Baker  Life changes. You may have experienced a breakup, a new baby, a marriage, a job loss. Something big has changed, and your current surroundings, wardrobe, and environment may not reflect who you are now. As you envision a new you, you may be thinking, “It’s time for a makeover!” Well, what about a different approach? How about a make-UNDER?   Often when we try to improve our lives, we think we need to add more, but what if the key to making over our lives was in having less, in doing less? Start with the foundation of not only decluttering, but in finding the peace created by letting go of [...]

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