The Simple Pleasures Make All The Difference


by Alycia M. Huston | Leadership Accelerator  There was a time where you couldn't even pay me to come inside of the house. I was born in the ‘70s and playing outside was absolutely the norm. From playing tag, to hide-and-seek, to climbing up trees and throwing little tree fruits at the cars passing by (of course, our parents did not know that part). I learned how to light campfires, tell ghost stories, appreciate bugs, and so much more. I even remember co-founding a clubhouse where we received weekly dues; those dues allowed us to ride our bikes to the local candy shop or get ice cream during the hot summers. [...]

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Woman on the Street | How to Be Sweetly Unreasonable


by Stephanie Saline In a recent moment of exasperation, my spouse — let’s call him the Philosopher — asked me for something. Side bar: my partner in life really is a philosopher. He teaches at a small liberal arts college in Upstate New York. Anyway, he asked if we could play what the philosopher Wilifrid Sellars calls “the game of giving and asking for reasons.”  At first, I scoffed. It sounded like a game for nerds. But a few days later, and to my surprise, I began to give my reasons.  The game goes something like this:   Player One says something.    Player Two says, “Why’s that?”  Player One gives a [...]

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Summer Style: The Latest in Trends


By Angela Harrison It’s time for summer trends, y’all! This season is packed with a lot of fun garments and accessories; summer is a great time to bring the color and camp. You’ll be seeing this season’s Pantone color trend report in all walks of fashion life, be it prints, shoes, handbags, jewelry, etc. I keep my wardrobe pretty neutral and incorporate trend colors I like with a layering piece or fun accessory. You don’t need to stock up on trendy clothing items, since the chances of them being around next summer, in the same way, are slim. So, I’m breaking down all [...]

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Head to the Woods for Renewal & Rejuvenation


by Maria Sylvester   Head to the woods — or at least head outside — if you want to experience yourself in new ways!   The great outdoors is filled with special energies. Nature has the power to quickly renew heart and spirit. This renewal can happen with ease and without involving complex plans or activities. It can be as simple as a walk in the neighborhood, resting on a log in the woods, or enjoying tea while sitting in your backyard garden. Bare feet touching the ground furthers this glorious experience of rejuvenation!   I love the sense of peace and purity I experience amid the vibrant wildness of [...]

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by Sharon Lawlor   Have you ever felt that your life or the world around you is going too fast and wished you could find a pause button? Perhaps you need a little reprieve to get yourself sorted, to recalibrate, and clear the mental chaos to finally be able to focus? Perhaps you need the time to catch your breath or gain a new perspective, because life has you too boxed-in and feeling uncomfortable?   Maybe you are experiencing growing pains — the discomfort of the skin of the “old” you, and no room to expand into your full potential?  What if life could be filled with more ease? No more push-and-pull tug-of-war with your mind, body, [...]

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