Rewerk Your Wardrobe: Swap It Out and Step It Up

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By Angela Harrison  Fashion makeover shows are always fascinating to watch; they find the most unfashionable subjects and transform them into chic style mavens. We love seeing people step outside their comfort zone and be completely surprised by how much they love a look they would’ve never considered before. These exciting transformations don’t have to just happen on TV — you don’t even have to be fashionably-challenged to be transformed by a look. Anyone can be made-over.  We see our same clothes day in and day out, and while we may look like seemingly normal humans from the outside, we can always step it up from the functional bare-minimum. We can swap out our usual work-tops and black pants for clothes with [...]


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By Sharon Marie Lawlor Summer is the most magical time of the year for me. I absolutely LOVE the warmth of the sun and the sunshine it brings. There is an aliveness within me that it sparks like no other season. Radiance is the perfect word to describe this. What is radiance to you? Shining bright comes to mind. Letting the true you shine forth from the inside out, capturing your unique beauty. When connecting with your truth in such a way, it can increase self-confidence so much that you feel unstoppable. As I’m tapping into this energy, it feels so expansive, creative, [...]

Woman on the Street | On Writing To Yourself 

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By Stephanie Saline  “Don’t knock masturbation,” Woody Allen has said; “it’s sex with someone I love.”  While not quite as taboo as fiddling one’s bits, writing to oneself can be just as naughty and restorative.    As I sit typing this on a Sunday morning at my favorite café (the best sugar donuts in town, arrive around 10:30), I am seated next to a woman who is writing to herself. She is writing in an unlined journal with the precise, dramatic script of an artist. I sneek a peek at her page, and see that she’s writing about photography. Or more specifically: her musings, curiosities, and investigations about photography. I see [...]

Release Your Regrets. It’s a New Day! 

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By Maria Sylvester  Regrets — oh, how they can haunt us. They can torture us too, draining our energy and spirits, especially if excessively dwelled upon. Regrets are no fun to tangle with, yet so often they end up tying us in knots.  Pestering and festering regrets come in several varieties. A regret can surface as you ponder an action taken, or ponder an action not taken. If you take an action that results in a nasty outcome, you can end up blaming yourself, or feel a sense of deep sadness reflecting on what might have been. Sometimes we wish we could undo a [...]

Just Do Nothing | Do You Need a Productivity Make-Under?

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By Bridget Baker You wake up in the morning and think, “Today’s the day I’ll get all my errands done, meditate, write in my journal, market my business, and check off all those unchecked boxes.” Halfway through the day, however, you find your energy waning, your productivity slumping, and you slug down a cup of coffee to give you the boost you need to get it all done.   No matter how many phone apps, timers, alerts, or gadgets you have to help you save time, some tasks take as long as they take, regardless of these "timesavers." Even after doing more than you thought you [...]

Sneaky Sweets

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by Lisa Nogueira  Who doesn’t love a frozen treat on a hot summer day? These treats are not only a delicious way to cool off; they have surprise nutrients in them as well — the perfect makeover! When was the last time you had avocado, spinach, or cauliflower in your dessert? Don’t worry, you won’t even know it’s there. Now, I’m not saying to double up on dessert because it has avocado or cauliflower in it. Sugar is sugar in the body, so it’s best to limit it to an occasional treat, but these frozen treasures are loved by children and adults alike. They have won over even the pickiest of eaters!    Chocolate and Vanilla Pudding Pops  I absolutely loved pudding pops when I was kid. That was before I knew that it was [...]

The Business of Following Your Dreams 

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By Kristen Domingue Photo: Heather Nash Photography for The Brick Magazine We loved talking with Susan Todoroff of Juicy Kitchen in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her frankness and candor about what it takes to open a business from home with young children is a testament to the unavoidable truth that we can’t do it alone. Read on to learn how Todoroff found support, the difference it made, and the challenges it helped her overcome along the way.    Juicy Kitchen started as a spark of an idea in the early 1980s. Susan Todoroff wrote in her journal of a cozy place where people could gather for a delicious, healthy breakfast in a community atmosphere while reading the [...]

Is Your Beach Bag Really Ready?

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By Ryan Brooks It's summer, which means lots of sun, beach, and pool is on the agenda for all of us. I know most of us have our go-to beach bag musts. Usually my bag consists of magazines, earbuds, SPF, hat, and towel. We usually stop there, right? But why? We spend time in the salon getting the best summer cut and color; why not protect that, too, and not just our skin? I am going to fill you in on some easy tips to protect those summer locks from the UV rays and the chlorine that can cause havoc on hair. Prolonged [...]

Is it Time for a Parenting Make-over

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By Randi Rubenstein  Similar to the calendar, we humans cycle through different seasons in our lives. Our revolving seasons are a time of transition and change. We often look forward to the new season only to find that once it’s upon us, the fantasy we envisioned doesn’t quite match the reality of all that’s involved. For example, the sunshine and lazy days of summer also come with mosquitos and excessive heat — well, that’s the case in Houston anyway. And even though the winter might involve skiing and snowmen, it can also be dreary, gray, and depressing. Point being, with each new season there are both positives [...]

MAKEOVER: The Seasonal Cycle

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By Madeleine Forbes  The wheel of the year turns, and the land is made over once again. Lit up by the full moon, then drenched in darkness as it wanes. Tides pull in and out; beaches shrink and grow; the seasons turn. As spring arrived this year, we signed papers that marked the completion of the purchase of a farm.   I began to contemplate the thrilling potential of a new project. To imagine how things were just about to change.   It’s been a long time getting here, requiring leaps of faith of varying degrees. Like building a remote business from scratch. Or relocating to a country where neither my husband or I spoke [...]

Makeover Your Skin With Your Own Plasma

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By Lisa Profera MD  Confused by all of the claims made by various skin rejuvenation systems? Afraid of toxins found in many skincare products on the market? Not sure what is best for your needs? Well, you have many choices, one of which is to use your own plasma for a more natural path toward a better complexion.    PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, refers to the layer of plasma (extracted from the patient’s own blood) which contains platelets, stem cells, growth factors, and collagen. PRP is like “liquid gold” for your skin. It can be used on the surface as well as injected into the deeper layers to [...]