Cover Story | Your Dreams, Your Terms


By Kristen Domingue In our conversation with Angela Harrison, we watched how a gnawing childhood passion turns itself into a career. While there are many paths to fulfillment with lots of uncertainty and twists and turns, the unencumbered certainty that drove Harrison is an inspiration to behold. Her conviction about the way every woman should feel in her clothes (and in her own skin) showcases her true gift: delivering self-love to everyone she touches. Before I even knew what “styling” meant, I was a stylist. Barbies were always swapping tops and bottoms instead of wearing their assigned outfits. My childhood dress-up [...]

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Clear Your Clutter and Make Room for What’s Important


By: Bridget Baker We wonder what our life would look like if we were just more organized. Would we have Pinterest-perfect homes? Would we be more successful or more fulfilled? When we think about getting organized, it often gets pushed back further and further on our list. We know we would feel better, but we don’t know where to start. I think we have it backward. We think we just need to get organized, but it really begins with letting go and starting to explore life with less. I don’t just mean less “stuff” in the sense of physical items, but [...]

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How to Overcome Your Greatest Barrier to Success


By: Millie Chu As an entrepreneur or business professional, do you feel like you are on the verge of starting the next amazing chapter in your life, but you’ve been stuck on the same page for a while? Perhaps you could see yourself living the life you want, and it’s so close you could almost grab it; but, your physical self is running out of breath. You chase, you work hard, you fight, and you’ve given it all you’ve got. At times, you feel as if you’re at the tipping point, about to go insane. Then, you gather yourself together because [...]

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Letting Go & Creating the Healthy, Happy Life You Desire


By: Tanya Penny, OTR, Health Coach We are often told by others to “just let it go.” The question I always asked was “HOW?!” Like most people, I was not taught how to let things go. I had a father who was very critical and controlling — the opposite of letting go. My mother would constantly bring up things that happened years (or decades) prior, and was also a hoarder (she still has my elementary school projects and prom dress). So, letting go was not something that was modeled for me while growing up. From a young age, I struggled with [...]

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Woman on the Street | City of Good Neighbors


By Stephanie Saline “And who will take care of your male?” my neighbor Margaret said. She’d crossed to my side of the street, and we were talking about her upcoming trip to Nantucket and mine to the north woods of Minnesota. “My what?” I said “Who will look after your male?” I thought I misheard her. “My WHAT?” She gestured towards our front porch, where Mark was laying on the outdoor couch. “Your male.” Surely, this older neighbor whose husband had died fifteen years ago wasn’t talking about who would take care of my own. I looked at her, utterly confused. [...]

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Spicing Up the Grill


By: Jillian Fraioli When the thermometer ramps up into the red zone, we either turn towards “picnic dinners” (consisting of crudités, finger foods, cooling dips like hummus or raita, and lots of fruit) — or we turn on the grill. My grandfather used to say, “Drink hot tea in summer, not iced tea.” And if you’ve traveled to hot and humid countries, you will know they hand you hot drinks and spiced foods on the hottest of days. Hot drinks and spices in the summer can actually cool you down; this is due to an effect known as “evaporative cooling” — [...]

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