Let That Old Story Go


By: Maria Sylvester  All that we are is a result of what we have thought.  ~Buddha  Time to rewrite the script, I remind coaching clients who come feeling stuck, frustrated, and unable to move their lives forward. Often we have clear goals and aspirations, plans and grand intentions. We strive toward these dreams while at the same time subconsciously believing we are “not good enough,” “unworthy,” “invisible,” “going to be rejected,” or any number of negative tales we spin about ourselves. We are likely to sabotage our endeavors unless we change such negative subconscious chatter. Until the subconscious becomes conscious and [...]

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I Lost My Phone and I Don’t Care: On Freedom and Letting Go


By: Madeleine Forbes I lost my phone last week. It was there, charging in the car. We visited friends and stocked up on groceries, and then it was gone. I searched for it, at first casually and then frantically. Retraced my steps. Asked the friends to search their house; eventually went back to do the same, convinced my sense of need and willingness to upturn the sofa would be more effective at locating it. It was not. There was a week of slightly awkward communication, as I directed people to my husband’s number, explaining mine was out of action. I felt [...]

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How to Create a Toned Body


By: Erin Cantrell A toned body is a term we hear a lot from our clients when they step into one of our studios. To be “toned” is to have more muscle and less fat, which means a lifestyle change to incorporate strength training, cardio, and a clean diet. Changing your body composition will not happen overnight or even over a few weeks, but when you reach your fitness goal, you will realize the hard work was worth it. You can achieve this new body and lifestyle in several different ways, but a favorite of mine is to lift weights 8-12 [...]

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Inner Alchemy


Inner Alchemy By Sharon Marie Lawlor The other day, I went to a Five-Element Guided Meditation. My friend, Jason Blackman, was facilitating. It was an interactive visualization incorporating colors and breathwork to help move stuck and stagnant energy. And boy, did it move! At different stages of the meditation, I was in tears. I was letting go and releasing trapped emotions within the cells of my being. I was lying on the ground atop my favorite yoga mat, draped with a special rose-colored blanket adorned with golden roses that I brought. It was, in a sense, my security blanket protecting me; [...]

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Toyota Shows their Commitment to Community


by Praveena Ramaswami Toyota Motor North America Research and Development Center (TMNA R&D), headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, continues to reinforce its commitment to giving back in areas where their Team Members live and work. Toyota shifted their focus from working with multiple organizations to seeking out engaging and impactful community partnerships in comparison to traditional sponsorships. Two current Toyota partnerships include Ann Arbor Summer Festival and the Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley.  Toyota and the Ann Arbor Summer Festival are working together on the Festival Footprint Initiative to reduce the environmental impact at the festival and encourage community awareness [...]

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Bring Order to Your Home by Letting Go of Perfection


By: Randi Rubenstein Q: “I was total scary mommy this morning. I had a fit about Henry getting chocolate breakfast bar on the couch. Like a total Mommy Meltdown! I know I’m focused on the wrong thing. I’m choosing neatness over what’s really important...people. I feel super guilty after these meltdowns. How do I realistically maintain order and also begin letting some things go?” A: There is a sweet spot for moms when it comes to taking pride in your home without driving your family crazy. The need to maintain order and cleanliness in our homes is frequently the catalyst for many [...]

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