Let It Go: Using the Changing Seasons to Release What You Don’t Need

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By Bridget Baker   With the changing season comes the desire for more — as in, more things to make us feel like we are “ready for fall.” We want to impress people with our personal essays about “what we did for summer vacation” in order to keep up with the neighbors. Even though it’s still warm out in most places in September (hello, Indian Summer!), we suddenly feel compelled to go out and buy turtleneck sweaters and autumn-hued makeup palettes.   What if we used this time to reinvent ourselves with a new season? What if the reinvention wasn’t about adding more activities, more clothes, or more decorative fall [...]

The Bounty of September

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By Jillian Fraioli September is quite possibly my favorite month of the year. The weather cools off, the evenings still feel luxurious in length, the sunsets turn into a kaleidoscope, and the almost obscene garden bounty fools us into thinking winter is far, far away. Not that bounty of strawberries and delicate lettuces, but that hearty bounty that comes fast and furious out of the garden this time of year. Every Farmer’s Market, grocery store, or road-side stand overflows with abundance. Tomatoes, zucchini, early pumpkins, fat melons, and the hearty greens that have weathered the heat, along with the last of the peppers, eggplants, and [...]

Skip Sickness this School Year

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By Lisa Profera  If you think that getting sick 3-4 times a year is normal, think again. Another school year is upon us, and as you may have experienced in the past, kids start getting sick around mid-September. As the weather changes, germs circulate in the classroom. Teachers and students get sick, and they bring it home to the entire household. Seems inevitable, right? Wrong.   Why wait until you or your child gets sick? Be proactive this year! Boost health and immunity now with probiotics and high-quality essential oils, and reduce the risk of contracting diseases when out in public with proper hand-sanitizing practices.  Give yourself and your family a head start to better health with lifestyle changes and [...]

Instead of Heading Deeper Down the Doubt Path…

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By Maria Sylvester  Cooler September breezes are upon us, reminding us that we are heading toward a transition. The close of summer and the beginning of fall is just one of a myriad of transitions we experience in a lifetime. Transitions are a common theme in my life-coaching practice, as many clients seek support when faced with a transition point in their life. There are multiple reasons why a person might seek help when transitioning from one aspect or area of their life to another, but I believe it is the experience of uncertainty that these times call forth that especially drives clients my way.  What is [...]

Woman on the Street | Coming Home from the Coffee Shop

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By Stephanie Saline Walking home from the coffee shop last week, three of my neighbors were chatting conspiratorially on the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street at the house next door. I asked them if they were plotting the revolution, and one of them asked me where I’d come from. I told them about the new coffee shop that opened less than half a mile from our houses. It’s the kind of place that posts where they get their coffee beans. The kind of place that has sidewalk seating and Parisian-style chairs. The kind of place that has [...]

Back to School

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By Randi Rubenstein Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with back-to-school season. Like you, summer has always been my busiest mama time due to the wide-open days without school. I’m on summer number 20 as a mom. That’s right. Two. Zero. And at this point, I’ve got a pretty good handle on summer structure combined with summer chill time. I’ve learned that it’s truly a balancing act. Unfortunately, it took many summers to figure out the ratio that works best for me and my family. There were many summers early on when I over-ambitiously UNDER-planned. I had this dream of care-free [...]

How to Process Low-Hanging Fruit

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HARD CIDER by Barbara Stark-Nemon  Review by Bernadette Quist  For those who have traveled the road from Ann Arbor north to brilliant Lake Michigan, it seems impossible to describe the feelings one gets when taking in the beauty and wonder of it all. Barbara Stark-Nemon does this elegantly throughout Hard Cider; yet for tactile, visual people (like me), pretty words alone aren’t enough. Add a story with plots and sub-plots woven into these places that I know so well, and you’ve got Hard Cider. This book pulled me in like a magnet and kept me in don’t-want-to-put-it-down mode until the last page.  Abbie Rose Stone is a woman pursuing a dream previously deferred by marriage, family, practical priorities, and assorted [...]

Memories in My Button Jar

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By Marilyn A. Pellini Like all young brides, I could hardly wait to start accumulating the necessities of married life. I registered for china, silver, and crystal, bought all new furnishings for my adorable first apartment, and even gathered together the usual bridal trousseau. In those days, I was eager to collect anything that would later be shared memories with my new husband. I would search for little mementos from places we visited, knowing these were sure to find the perfect shelf or table on which they could be displayed. When we finally began married life together, I saved everything. I [...]

How Time Outside will Help Increase Learning

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By Virginia Yurich People say that nothing beats a Michigan summer, but it is also true that nothing beats a Michigan fall. As beach time and camping slip into hoodies and apple orchards, we physically feel the change of the seasons in Michigan. With the purchase of new backpacks and colored pencils, there is anticipation for change and new experiences. The start of a school year is such an exciting time that we can easily forget that there are many things that contribute to learning beyond pen and pencil. There is more and more research confirming that the brain and the body are intricately related, and that movement can actually increase the capacity of the brain. As we slide into the routines [...]

Finding What You Seek

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By Jane Griffith   My brain is blank and inside I’m terrified — gut-churning, head aching. I can barely sit still. I’m seeking an idea, a kernel of truth, a nugget of wisdom. My job is to lead. My job is to have the answers and the confidence. My job is to find a way to remove the obstacles and provide the resources for my team so that they can be successful.   I love my job and I hate my job. On the love side, well, I love art, I love theater. It provides a framework for understanding the world, for understanding other people. It is a [...]

Fashion Report : 2018 Fall Trends

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By Angela Harrison Welcome to The Brick’s very first September issue! September, specifically Labor Day, is considered the “Fashion New Year,” and the beginning of the Fall/Winter fashion season. This is a major time of year in the industry, with New York Fashion Week starting the first shows of the season (Sept. 6th), followed by London, Milan, and wrapping in Paris. These runway shows take place throughout the month of September to show us what’s to come for Spring/Summer 2019; then they start up again in February with looks for Fall/Winter 2019. It can be confusing, but just think of it in opposites: fall shows have spring clothes, spring shows have fall clothes. So, if you follow the fashion weeks, [...]

The Only Woman In The Room | Life as an Aerospace Unicorn with Kami Meader

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By Kristen Domingue When we spoke to Kamala Meader, founder, and CEO of Aerokam Engineering, we were inspired by her tenacity despite the challenges she recounts being one of the only women in her classrooms and jobs. Caught at the crossroads between societal expectations of being “the perfect mother” while having a “full career,” Kami’s honesty about the costs and the choices serve to remind us that while having it all is possible, having it all at once is not.   ___  When I consider how I got into aerospace engineering, I think DNA chose my path. My father was an aerospace stress engineer and he used to take me [...]

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