Photo by Leio McLaren on Unsplash By Marilyn Pellini Living life as if there is no tomorrow sounds reckless, dangerous, exotic, but it also has a ring of joyfulness attached to it, if we can just bring ourselves to open up to just plain abandon. Most of us are often too reserved to do anything where even a hint of danger is involved. Others want nothing more than to come as close as possible to a tiger in the wild. Do you fall into one of these categories? I have always been an ultra-conservative person. Perhaps not so much in my politics necessarily, [...]

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash By Anna Wilking What is it about the summer that helps to foster lust and love? Summer nights are downright dangerous in their sultry warmth. It’s the season for flings and hookups, to start new relationships and perhaps even revisit old ones. All those days at the beach, in the park, riding bikes, at outdoor concerts, farmers’ markets, and rooftop parties provide opportunities to widen social circles and make new connections. As summers come and go, and as I build new memories of lust and love—some fleeting encounters, while others last longer—I think back fondly [...]

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Photo by Huyen Nguyen on Unsplash By Lisa Profera MD Getting older is inevitable, but feeling older is a choice. Do you want to be old and limited, or do you want to live your life to its fullest? Just because your chronological age advances, you don’t necessarily need to feel as old as you are. I choose to fight the aging process as much as possible and I am always looking for new “weapons.” Weapon #1 for me is proper nutrition. Smart food choices, lots of water, and adequate supplementation is the cornerstone of health. Exercise is a close #2. [...]

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Photo by Pavel Chusovitin on Unsplash By Stella Orange In yoga class, my teacher encouraged us to bend our knees a little bit. “Notice the personal places inside that are tight or hard,” she said, “and instead of trying to fix them, try and see if you can slide your breath in there.” My yoga studio is an eight-minute walk from my house. I recently walked there in the sunlight of early evening past one of my young neighbors, who was standing in front of her house with her parents and grandmother. When I asked, she gave me a high-five. When [...]

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Photo by Robert Metz on Unsplash By Maria Sylvester, MSW, CPC “There is a morning inside you, ready to burst into flame.”  ~ Rumi When was the last time you gave yourself over to the delicious sanctuary of a bubble bath—truly gave yourself over to the sheer bliss of it? What better time, really, than lounging amid those soft, floating bubbles to relax deeply, laying your burdens and worries aside for a bit? What better time to let the sensualness of the warm water, lavender oil, and bubbles open you to a tranquil, peaceful state of pause?  What gets illuminated, then, [...]

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Photo by Mary Kerkes Image: Betsy Stover, Founder of Ele's Place & Monica Brancheau Ele's Place: A Home for Healing Hearts from Nate Schuiling on Vimeo. In our conversation with Monica Brancheau about Ele’s Place Ann Arbor, we found a woman whose own triumph over cancer led her toward a deeper calling. As the Director of Ele’s Place, she has the opportunity to give families the chance to find their journey to joy after a devastating loss.  ___ The Turning Point “What would happen if I die? What would happen to my kids?”  These were the questions that played over and [...]

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