Photo on Pexels by Gustavo Fring By Lisa Bower Stop calling me Superwoman. I know it’s meant as a compliment. “Wow! You’re such a Superwoman!” Yet, every time I hear those words, I shrink a little inside and feel like I’m being pushed down by a giant thumb. I own my own business. I have four school-aged children and I opened a learning pod to support families during this time of virtual learning. It's a lot. And I guess most days, I do it with grace and a smile on my face. Yet, I’m no different than the working mothers I [...]

STOP CALLING ME SUPERWOMAN2021-04-06T09:47:08-04:00



Photo on Pexels By Beth Johnston 8 minutes, 46 seconds was the breaking point for me. George Floyd was murdered in front of all of us. I watched in horror, along with most of America, as a Black man had the life sucked out of him by a police officer pressing his knee into his neck. He called for his mom and every mother heard that cry. It was a pivotal moment for me. I’ve always been a champion for equality. I grew up in Ann Arbor, a fairly liberal town. My parents were both educators and taught me to be [...]

ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS2021-04-01T10:37:20-04:00



Photo on Pexels By Liz Crowe It’s that time again. “What time?” You loyal Liz-is-your-favorite-booze-expert readers ask. It’s time to talk about a trend. No, I’m not testing seltzers. I know I promised you that, and I might still get to it later this year. But we’re going to talk about an even trendier trend. Think you can stand it? I think you can. This is a tale of seven cans and four tasters — all of whom are, let’s say for the sake of politeness, possessing of a mature palate. That is to say, on the older side of the [...]

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