by Sharon Lawlor  

Have you ever felt that your life or the world around you is going too fast and wished you could find a pause button? Perhaps you need a little reprieve to get yourself sorted, to recalibrate, and clear the mental chaos to finally be able to focus? Perhaps you need the time to catch your breath or gain a new perspective, because life has you too boxed-in and feeling uncomfortable?  

Maybe you are experiencing growing pains — the discomfort of the skin of the “old” you, and no room to expand into your full potential? 

What if life could be filled with more ease? No more push-and-pull tug-of-war with your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. A life where you know who you are and where you are going, filled with clarity and feel a sense of peace, joy, wonderment, and awe, and a sense of hope for the world. Being able to connect to yourself, build stronger relationships, and show up in this world rooted in who you are, grounded to feel safe, and be able to see the beauty and love all around you, and not focused on fear.  

It is definitely possible, and it starts within. Our external world is a reflection of what is going on in our inner world. When we start with ourselves, the change ripples outward, touching others and changing everything around us. I feel it is the best gift we can possibly give to the world — a “journey home” to ourselves.    

This sacred path of self-discovery is a journey for heroes. When we say “yes” to ourselves, everything changes! 

Stepping on the path of self-discovery is the fuel of my work in the world. The core of my work is to help create spaciousness within for one to pause, connect with their heart,  listen to their own guidance, and feel a new sense of peace — and embodying this in their mind, body, heart, and soul. Can you feel the calm that is created when there is space instead of restriction? The energy flows so much more efficiently throughout our body when there is ease. This is what it means to be a TRANQUIL BEING: to consciously and intentionally lead our own life with an inner power that is strengthened when one is aligned and in their full magnificence.    

Self-awareness is key to understanding oneself in order to know what makes you YOU. We must discern what it is that brings us joy and lights our hearts with each encounter, choice, and ultimately how we show up in life. Sometimes, though, one is not aware in this sense, and their life is not an accurate representation of who they truly are, nor do they even recognize who it is showing up in life for the external world to see. There is a misalignment happening. They may need to slow down to actually connect to themselves.    

Once we start connecting and following our heart, things WILL change. Everything that isn’t in alignment is distilled. Energy moves more freely. There is more spaciousness within our being. Our creativity enhances. Our joy, happiness, and our own unique genius shines through. We are connected to the self. Connected to a higher power. We are alive! We are rooted in who we are. Our hearts lead the path. We have a knowing, trust, and faith that it will unfold in the perfect timing. When we are present from that place, we have an inner strength that radiates out. Some would call it true beauty.    

When one needs an ally, I walk side-by-side with them on their journey when they want to tap into their own heart and soul for its innate wisdom and guidance. I help them find their stillness within to hear their unique voice and let this be their “One True North.”  Listening, holding space, inquiry, movement, breath, meditation, creativity, journaling, medicine walks, guidance from nature, healing sounds, energy balancing, bodywork, infrared sauna — these are a few of the modalities in my tool bag that I use in my work with clients.  

“When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything. — Lao Tzu 

For others that are looking to de-stress, return to a state of balance, who need more relaxation and nurturing of the physical body, there is another way in which I can be an ally. In the bodywork I do with clients, I sense this “stuck-ness” within their tissues (or their words may show me too). I assist in releasing restrictions, stagnation, and bringing more ease to their being while stimulating more blood flow, lymph flow, and energy flow in their bodies and aiding in the relaxation of their nervous system.   

Even when working on this physical level, one can notice a difference in their outside world. Think about it — if one is exhausted, not feeling peace within their bodies, doesn’t it make sense that other functions in their life are affected too?  

“We are all inter-connected living, breathing beings. When you heal within yourself, you heal everything around you as well.” — Sharon Marie Lawlor 

I hope you have a better sense of the work I do in this world. I am here for you on your path. Whether it is relating to the physical self, or needing support with the other realms on the mental, emotional, or spiritual levels. Namaste. 

Sharon Marie, Founder and Creative Director at Tranquil Being, helps clients create spaciousness within for them to pause, connect to their heart, and feel a new sense of peace. She brings so much compassion and understanding to her clients as she holds space for them on their journey. Her suite is the perfect space for her work, providing a safe and sacred container for her clients to fully relax. Sharon’s eclectic mix of modalities include healing massage and bodywork, infrared sauna, medicine walks in nature, the natural rhythms and elements in nature, the wisdom of the seasons, and creativity for healing. Contact Sharon: connect@tranquilbeing. com | 734-761-8753 | 320 Miller Ave, Suite 185, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 |