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by Kristen Domingue Sponsored by: A New Path Financial Photos by Amber Marie Photography Our interview with Nadine Burns reminded us of how we can all use someone we trust when it comes to talking about money. In Nadine, we found that someone - someone who doesn’t judge, someone who has your dreams and your present moment in mind at all times, and someone who’s been where you are now and came out on the other side. She’s the good cop and the bad cop all rolled into one so the money you may make is there for you when you [...]

Faith to Face Hard Times with Sadeepa Munasinghe

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Photos by Heather Nash By Kristen Domingue The Brick cover-story articles are most often written by the interviewee as responses to our questions. The interviewee sends her answers to me for review. I then edit the article to create a clear story arc and narrative resonance before passing it to our editor for final review. Never have I worked on an article that moved me to tears. Sadeepa is living with Wilson’s disease, which impacts her verbal and written communication skills. However, you can see for yourself that despite the challenges she faces, she’s of “sound mind,” even more so given [...]

A New Year’s Promise for Her Daughter

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By Pat Pancioli On Tuesday afternoons, strollers and car seats line the halls of the one-story office building. Inside the conference room, mothers and their babies meet for the free MomShare drop-in group. They’ve come to connect, learn, and share at this program in the Women’s Center of Southeastern Michigan. Alice Liao, the Center’s Communications Coordinator, and her one-year old daughter join them. This is a place Alice never expected to be. Born in a country half a world away, where boys were prized over girls, she had many plans for her life, but being a parent was not among them. [...]


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City of Ypsilanti, MI Becomes Lifetime Licensee of the Film The National Association of African Americans in Human Resources brokers a deal for the city to take the unique step of being fully proactive in a comprehensive effort to improve relations between police and people of color YPSILANTI, MI (December 17, 2018) — Less than a year ago, the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR) Chairman Nat Alston signed an agreement for his organization to become a National Strategic Partner with the L.O.V.E. Is The Answer Movement, and moved quickly to license the film WALKING WHILE BLACK: L.O.V.E. [...]


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Photo by Heather Nash by Kristen Domingue Our favorite part of our interview with Yodit Mesfin Johnson was the revelation that following her passion was less of a chase and more of a gradual unfolding. Instead of the push of urgency, there was a gradual pull toward alignment that allowed her to do work she loves in a way that works for her. So if you’re not “there” yet, don’t worry. You may be on an earlier step of a similar path to the one Yodit took. ___ My work and my passion for service is largely influenced by my parents. [...]


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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash By Angela Harrison Some closets are organized like a shiny department store; some look like a tornado of early-morning struggle just whipped through. Both, however, are quietly capable of ruining your wardrobe. Hangers, bags, boxes, and hooks are all helpful tools in keeping things orderly, but they can also do damage to our clothes. Of course, we can’t just get rid of these organizational elements; they’re essential in any closet, so we need to be sure we’re using them the right way. Every closet has the following: random plastic hangers, some sturdy wooden hangers, or too many [...]

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