Photo by Heidi McClelland of  Heidi McClelland Photography By Kristen Domingue  When we met with Stephanie Willette, manager Ann Arbor Farmers market, we saw a woman who lives on purpose. Her conviction that drove every difficult choice clearly shines through, illuminating a life committed to values in not just thought, but also deed. Like so many of the women we feature on the cover of The Brick, Stephanie’s life showcases what’s possible when we organically follow our passion, one decision at a time—without needing to have an “end-goal” in mind. How it all started I did not think I would end [...]


Do It Your Way | Choosing to Do What You Love


By Kristen Domingue In our interview with Kelly Callison of a2vintage, an online and offline vintage and antique dealer, we noticed her commitment to doing what she loved and how much it informed every choice in her life. Whether she’s in the process of reclaiming something once-loved for resale, or simply living and loving her family and friends, Kelly is a model of what it means to put love first. Kelly is is a sterling example of what it looks like when we let love win — both in business and in life. ___ I went to graduate school at the University [...]

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The Only Woman In The Room | Life as an Aerospace Unicorn with Kami Meader


By Kristen Domingue When we spoke to Kamala Meader, founder, and CEO of Aerokam Engineering, we were inspired by her tenacity despite the challenges she recounts being one of the only women in her classrooms and jobs. Caught at the crossroads between societal expectations of being “the perfect mother” while having a “full career,” Kami’s honesty about the costs and the choices serve to remind us that while having it all is possible, having it all at once is not.   ___  When I consider how I got into aerospace engineering, I think DNA chose my path. My father was an aerospace stress engineer and he used to take me [...]

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Cover Story | Your Dreams, Your Terms


By Kristen Domingue In our conversation with Angela Harrison, we watched how a gnawing childhood passion turns itself into a career. While there are many paths to fulfillment with lots of uncertainty and twists and turns, the unencumbered certainty that drove Harrison is an inspiration to behold. Her conviction about the way every woman should feel in her clothes (and in her own skin) showcases her true gift: delivering self-love to everyone she touches. Before I even knew what “styling” meant, I was a stylist. Barbies were always swapping tops and bottoms instead of wearing their assigned outfits. My childhood dress-up [...]

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How to Overcome Your Greatest Barrier to Success


By: Millie Chu As an entrepreneur or business professional, do you feel like you are on the verge of starting the next amazing chapter in your life, but you’ve been stuck on the same page for a while? Perhaps you could see yourself living the life you want, and it’s so close you could almost grab it; but, your physical self is running out of breath. You chase, you work hard, you fight, and you’ve given it all you’ve got. At times, you feel as if you’re at the tipping point, about to go insane. Then, you gather yourself together because [...]

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The Business of Following Your Dreams 


By Kristen Domingue Photo: Heather Nash Photography for The Brick Magazine We loved talking with Susan Todoroff of Juicy Kitchen in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her frankness and candor about what it takes to open a business from home with young children is a testament to the unavoidable truth that we can’t do it alone. Read on to learn how Todoroff found support, the difference it made, and the challenges it helped her overcome along the way.    Juicy Kitchen started as a spark of an idea in the early 1980s. Susan Todoroff wrote in her journal of a cozy place where people could gather for a delicious, healthy breakfast in a community atmosphere while reading the [...]

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