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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash By Angela Harrison Some closets are organized like a shiny department store; some look like a tornado of early-morning struggle just whipped through. Both, however, are quietly capable of ruining your wardrobe. Hangers, bags, boxes, and hooks are all helpful tools in keeping things orderly, but they can also do damage to our clothes. Of course, we can’t just get rid of these organizational elements; they’re essential in any closet, so we need to be sure we’re using them the right way. Every closet has the following: random plastic hangers, some sturdy wooden hangers, or too many [...]


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By Angela Harrison Can you believe we’ve been talking all things fashion for a year now?! We’ve made it back to where it all began — the December holiday issue! Aside from this being a fab year at The Brick, we’ve got more important things to discuss, like our holiday looks. December is always busy, jam-packed with work parties, dinners with friends, fam time, — making it easy to succumb to the holiday-reds and other obvious seasonal choices. This winter fashion season is full of texture, color, and prints we don’t normally associate with holiday attire, which will set your looks [...]

Thanksgiving Glam: Your Wardrobe Essentials for the Holiday Weekend

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By: Angela Harrison The best part about November? FOUR-DAY WEEKEND! And, of course, family. With this glorious break from the daily grind, a lot of us take the opportunity to travel to said family and friends for a little R & R. The dress code for Thanksgiving weekend usually calls for casual comfort, but we can still be comfortable while looking completely chic and styled. And honestly, who decided Thanksgiving was going to be the one holiday we dress down for? What a missed opportunity! Whether you’re packing up and heading out or staying local for the weekend, this Thanksgiving capsule [...]

Light Layers: Best Outerwear for Early Fall

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By Angela Harrison Happy fall, y’all! For Michiganders, I think it’s safe to say this is one of our favorite seasons. Though fall temps and colors don’t last long, we seem to find a way to milk it for all it’s got, and that includes the fashion. October tends to be a tricky month for dressing — we experience a whole range of weather, which can make it hard to know what to wear. Mornings can start out chilly and then reach 75 degrees, making that coat you brought for running around town seem like a cruel joke. So, what’s the [...]

Fashion Report : 2018 Fall Trends

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By Angela Harrison Welcome to The Brick’s very first September issue! September, specifically Labor Day, is considered the “Fashion New Year,” and the beginning of the Fall/Winter fashion season. This is a major time of year in the industry, with New York Fashion Week starting the first shows of the season (Sept. 6th), followed by London, Milan, and wrapping in Paris. These runway shows take place throughout the month of September to show us what’s to come for Spring/Summer 2019; then they start up again in February with looks for Fall/Winter 2019. It can be confusing, but just think of it in opposites: fall shows have spring clothes, spring shows have fall clothes. So, if you follow the fashion weeks, [...]

Pack Like a Pro: Your Summer Vacay Wardrobe

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By: Angela Harrison The best part about summer is vacation!  Everyone loves a good summer getaway — time with friends, fam, sunshine, and nature. With a trip comes packing and trying to organize all of the things you want to wear without bringing the whole closet. And while we all deserve to pack enough for three costume changes a day, life is so much easier when it’s simplified. You can pack just the basics and still be able to turn out a fully fabulous vacation wardrobe. No matter where you go this season, whether it be a fun getaway up north [...]

Rewerk Your Wardrobe: Swap It Out and Step It Up

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By Angela Harrison  Fashion makeover shows are always fascinating to watch; they find the most unfashionable subjects and transform them into chic style mavens. We love seeing people step outside their comfort zone and be completely surprised by how much they love a look they would’ve never considered before. These exciting transformations don’t have to just happen on TV — you don’t even have to be fashionably-challenged to be transformed by a look. Anyone can be made-over.  We see our same clothes day in and day out, and while we may look like seemingly normal humans from the outside, we can always step it up from the functional bare-minimum. We can swap out our usual work-tops and black pants for clothes with [...]

Summer Style: The Latest in Trends

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By Angela Harrison It’s time for summer trends, y’all! This season is packed with a lot of fun garments and accessories; summer is a great time to bring the color and camp. You’ll be seeing this season’s Pantone color trend report in all walks of fashion life, be it prints, shoes, handbags, jewelry, etc. I keep my wardrobe pretty neutral and incorporate trend colors I like with a layering piece or fun accessory. You don’t need to stock up on trendy clothing items, since the chances of them being around next summer, in the same way, are slim. So, I’m breaking down all [...]

Slaying in the Rain

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by Angela Harrison Spring has officially sprung, along with its unpredictable bouts of rain and mud. This is always a tricky season when it comes to proper outwear and footwear. Some days are cooler and damper than others, making raincoats and boots a necessity — which can be a huge drag. And while I can’t personally roll out a red carpet for you to cross from your car to the door of your destination (I’m only one woman, otherwise I’d totally be there for you, girl), I can help make that soggy trek a little dryer and brighter with the latest from this spring’s rain-wear lineup.   Raincoats and trenches do a fabulous job of [...]

Spring Cleaning: The Closet Cleanse

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by Angela Harrison With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s time to pack away our heavy-duty winter gear and transition to lighter layers. The seasonal wardrobe change is always a great opportunity to examine our closets. We accumulate so much stuff over the years and our closets suffer because of it. Our quality of life suffers because of it. And yeah, that’s a completely dramatic statement to make, but wouldn’t life be a little better if your closets were organized and only contained things you use? The spring purge is a daunting task, yet necessary for keeping a balanced home. We use our [...]

Hair-Free is the Way to Be

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by Lisa Profera The cold winter weather has been brutal, but warmer temperatures and “fun in the sun” are not too far away. You may even be getting “save-the-date” notifications of weddings, reunions, or other special events coming up later this year. Whether it is a formal occasion or a casual gathering, you will want to look your best. Even though you may still be wearing layers now, the time for bare arms, armpits, and legs is right around the corner. So, what does that mean? Well, if you are like most women, you spend a lot of time shaving, plucking and waxing — ouch! I challenge you to consider permanent hair removal. Now is [...]

Love Your Swimwear — Any Size, Any Age

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by Angela Harrison If you’re headed off to warmer climates for Spring Break this month, or just need a swimwear refresh for the coming summer season, I’ve got you covered. There’s so much more to swimsuits than what meets the eye. A good suit that will hold up through washing, and last several seasons, won’t come by cheap but is completely worth the investment. These swimwear lines tend to be made with a thicker, more durable padding and fabric (that lasts in the wash), are double-lined for less exposure while wet, and have styles with support technology, which can be crucial for the perfect fit. High quality swim [...]

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