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Photo by Morgan Hjelm on Unsplash By Heather Glidden “How are you doing?” It’s such a simple question, and one that you probably get asked many times each day. The standard answer that most of us give to that question is usually something along the lines of “Oh, I’m fine.” Maybe if we’re feeling especially chipper that day then it’s “Great!” or if it’s a stressful time, then it’s perhaps “Well, you know…” accompanied by an exasperated eye-roll. One of the delights of working with clients one-on-one is that I get to go deeper with that question every day. “How is your body feeling? [...]


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by Ginny Yurich Our family despises the cold. Or, to be more specific, I despise the cold. On any given typical winter day (but actually beginning in fall), you’ll see my kids sledding or snowboarding on a small hill in our backyard while I watch from the window. What are you to do when you are a big proponent of outside time, yet you loathe the bitter temps that permeate Michigan for months on end? Well, you front load your nature time during the beautiful Michigan summers and then you find some workarounds that make time in the open air bearable, and even [...]

How Time Outside will Help Increase Learning

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By Virginia Yurich People say that nothing beats a Michigan summer, but it is also true that nothing beats a Michigan fall. As beach time and camping slip into hoodies and apple orchards, we physically feel the change of the seasons in Michigan. With the purchase of new backpacks and colored pencils, there is anticipation for change and new experiences. The start of a school year is such an exciting time that we can easily forget that there are many things that contribute to learning beyond pen and pencil. There is more and more research confirming that the brain and the body are intricately related, and that movement can actually increase the capacity of the brain. As we slide into the routines [...]

How to Create a Toned Body

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By: Erin Cantrell A toned body is a term we hear a lot from our clients when they step into one of our studios. To be “toned” is to have more muscle and less fat, which means a lifestyle change to incorporate strength training, cardio, and a clean diet. Changing your body composition will not happen overnight or even over a few weeks, but when you reach your fitness goal, you will realize the hard work was worth it. You can achieve this new body and lifestyle in several different ways, but a favorite of mine is to lift weights 8-12 [...]

Being Fit at Any Size

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It turns out there is a reason why many of us don’t follow through with the ‘new year, new you’ resolutions we make each January. You may think that if you lose weight or exercise more, your entire life will change, and when it doesn’t, you may get discouraged, and then you revert to old behaviors. The truth is, you need to make many life changes to lose weight or to incorporate more exercise, and it goes deeper than just making a New Year’s Resolution. We tend to see a lot of people starting out on fad diets this time of year. They [...]