Is Your Beach Bag Really Ready?


By Ryan Brooks It's summer, which means lots of sun, beach, and pool is on the agenda for all of us. I know most of us have our go-to beach bag musts. Usually my bag consists of magazines, earbuds, SPF, hat, and towel. We usually stop there, right? But why? We spend time in the salon getting the best summer cut and color; why not protect that, too, and not just our skin? I am going to fill you in on some easy tips to protect those summer locks from the UV rays and the chlorine that can cause havoc on hair. Prolonged [...]

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Spring Is in the….Hair


by Ryan Brooks Finally, Spring is here and I am sure all of us couldn't be more excited. Let’s face it, the last months of winter were long and who isn't ready for a fresh new spring look? What better way to celebrate the sunshine than with a brighter look. I absolutely love to give my clients the option of enhancing their base color with a more natural sun-kissed look. There are many different approaches to achieve this particular look, and one of my personal beliefs to achieve a natural look is to stay roughly two shades lighter than your base level, especially [...]

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Hair-Free is the Way to Be


by Lisa Profera The cold winter weather has been brutal, but warmer temperatures and “fun in the sun” are not too far away. You may even be getting “save-the-date” notifications of weddings, reunions, or other special events coming up later this year. Whether it is a formal occasion or a casual gathering, you will want to look your best. Even though you may still be wearing layers now, the time for bare arms, armpits, and legs is right around the corner. So, what does that mean? Well, if you are like most women, you spend a lot of time shaving, plucking and waxing — ouch! I challenge you to consider permanent hair removal. Now is [...]

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Winter Hair Woes


 by Ryan Brooks We finally hit winter weather, and it is brutally cold. What happens to our hair? Dryness, frizz, static, a lackluster look — the list could go on and on. Certain treatments can easily fight these winter hair woes. Finding the right one for your hair can be a challenge. There are so many on the market, from treatment shampoos, hair oils, in-salon treatments, to hair masques. It’s difficult to determine which will meet your budget and needs.Let’s start with shampoos and conditioners, the first step to great hair. I’ll begin by saying that most clients are cut-and-color clients, and this [...]

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Time For A Change


Let me start by saying, Happy New Year! We made it through another holiday season. Now that its resolution time lets face it, the majority of us are ready to focus on getting back to our normal routine. Personally, my resolution is to get back to the gym, which usually takes a back seat during this time of year. What better way to jump-start your new year resolution than with a new look! A ‘new look’ doesn’t mean chop off your hair or go from dark brown to platinum blonde. A subtle change can be huge. One of my favorite quick changes this [...]

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How To Do Your “Do”


It’s that time of the year again, holiday season, and with that comes the holiday parties. We all want to look our best, but most of us are busy trying to balance family and work at this time, as well as trying to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones, and trying to make the majority of our holiday events. Let’s also face it, we are going to see friends and family we do not usually see all year, and we all want to look our best, from head to toe. With all that said I want to share with you three [...]

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