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by Ginny Yurich Our family despises the cold. Or, to be more specific, I despise the cold. On any given typical winter day (but actually beginning in fall), you’ll see my kids sledding or snowboarding on a small hill in our backyard while I watch from the window. What are you to do when you are a big proponent of outside time, yet you loathe the bitter temps that permeate Michigan for months on end? Well, you front load your nature time during the beautiful Michigan summers and then you find some workarounds that make time in the open air bearable, and even [...]


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by Lisa Profera, MD  What is your microbiome and why should you be thankful for it? The good bacteria that reside in our gastrointestinal tract outnumber our own cells ten to one. They not only help us process and digest our food — they play a key role in our overall health. Hippocrates was correct in saying that “all disease begins in the gut.” It is vital to keep our microbiome functioning optimally; take care of it and be grateful for it. I have eluded to the importance of gut health in previous BRICK articles (December 2017, January 2018). Think of [...]

Good EMF: The Benefits of Bioenergy

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By Lisa Profera, MD Fall is here and the days are getting shorter. That means colder weather, more overcast days, and less sunlight. It also means less outdoor time in general. Most of us have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): a condition of low energy and moodiness due to less exposure to sunlight or full-spectrum light. However, did you know that people can also experience bodily dysfunction and fatigue when they don’t get enough electromagnetic energy input from the ground? Although there is no “official” name for this condition, I refer to it as Bio-Energy Dysfunction Disorder (BEDD). We are [...]

Skip Sickness this School Year

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By Lisa Profera  If you think that getting sick 3-4 times a year is normal, think again. Another school year is upon us, and as you may have experienced in the past, kids start getting sick around mid-September. As the weather changes, germs circulate in the classroom. Teachers and students get sick, and they bring it home to the entire household. Seems inevitable, right? Wrong.   Why wait until you or your child gets sick? Be proactive this year! Boost health and immunity now with probiotics and high-quality essential oils, and reduce the risk of contracting diseases when out in public with proper hand-sanitizing practices.  Give yourself and your family a head start to better health with lifestyle changes and [...]

How Time Outside will Help Increase Learning

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By Virginia Yurich People say that nothing beats a Michigan summer, but it is also true that nothing beats a Michigan fall. As beach time and camping slip into hoodies and apple orchards, we physically feel the change of the seasons in Michigan. With the purchase of new backpacks and colored pencils, there is anticipation for change and new experiences. The start of a school year is such an exciting time that we can easily forget that there are many things that contribute to learning beyond pen and pencil. There is more and more research confirming that the brain and the body are intricately related, and that movement can actually increase the capacity of the brain. As we slide into the routines [...]

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