Discovering Your Decor Desires


Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash By Tiffany Edison, Principal Designer Have you ever wished that you could meander through someone’s home while they were not there? (Not as a burglar of course!) For me, this stroll around their rooms would allow me to catch a glimpse of who they truly are, and how they truly live on a daily basis. I have often kidded with my designer colleagues that I could gather so much more pertinent and true information about my client’s personality and preferences if they were not too tidy, clean, and prepared for my visit. If such a wish were granted, [...]

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Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash by Tiffany Edison In the new year, my phone starts to ring off the hook without fail. I have come to anticipate these calls — I relish them! The reason I am inundated with pleas for assistance is largely due to what my clients describe as the ‘lack of cheer’ in their homes once the holiday season comes to an end. A frequent grievance I hear goes something like “We realized after we took down the decorations how ‘blah’ and ‘drab’ our home actually is.” Please don’t get me wrong, I love to decorate for the holidays as [...]


Clear Your Clutter and Make Room for What’s Important


By: Bridget Baker We wonder what our life would look like if we were just more organized. Would we have Pinterest-perfect homes? Would we be more successful or more fulfilled? When we think about getting organized, it often gets pushed back further and further on our list. We know we would feel better, but we don’t know where to start. I think we have it backward. We think we just need to get organized, but it really begins with letting go and starting to explore life with less. I don’t just mean less “stuff” in the sense of physical items, but [...]

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Your Minimalist Lifestyle “Make-Under” 


by Bridget Baker  Life changes. You may have experienced a breakup, a new baby, a marriage, a job loss. Something big has changed, and your current surroundings, wardrobe, and environment may not reflect who you are now. As you envision a new you, you may be thinking, “It’s time for a makeover!” Well, what about a different approach? How about a make-UNDER?   Often when we try to improve our lives, we think we need to add more, but what if the key to making over our lives was in having less, in doing less? Start with the foundation of not only decluttering, but in finding the peace created by letting go of [...]

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The Simple Pleasures Make All The Difference


by Alycia M. Huston | Leadership Accelerator  There was a time where you couldn't even pay me to come inside of the house. I was born in the ‘70s and playing outside was absolutely the norm. From playing tag, to hide-and-seek, to climbing up trees and throwing little tree fruits at the cars passing by (of course, our parents did not know that part). I learned how to light campfires, tell ghost stories, appreciate bugs, and so much more. I even remember co-founding a clubhouse where we received weekly dues; those dues allowed us to ride our bikes to the local candy shop or get ice cream during the hot summers. [...]

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