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Photo by Ian Kiragu on Unsplash by Sharon Marie Lawlor Today is the start of a new year. New Year’s resolutions are in full force for some. For others, they perhaps want something else. If you could wave a magic wand over your life right now, how would it ideally be? Stop to think about that. Really give it some thought. Don’t just look at your physical self (as most New Year’s resolutions focus on), but at all aspects of you. This will help create an over-arching vision of this new energy. Dream BIG! Knock down any walls that closed you in. If ANYTHING [...]


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Photo by Bridget Baker of the 24-foot travel trailer that she, her husband, and her little dog Little live in. by Bridget Baker The shiny promise of a new year brings with it the commitments to take action, hopes for a more prosperous year, and fantasies of breaking all of your habits and changing “all of the things.” We get a burst of energy, motivated by how-to and resolution articles, showing us that we can wipe the slate clean of the previous year and start fresh. Two days in, however, we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed already. We take on too much [...]


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Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash Marilyn A. Pellini January is the month that I send a small contribution to all my favorite organizations, and the month I vow to give more of my time, energy, and effort to those groups I am most dedicated to. This goal seems to be working better in my older years than it did when I was much younger. Back then, I concentrated more on things that affected me personally. Each year, there were so many New Year’s resolutions: lose weight, be more patient with the children, cook healthy but delicious meals, and up my organizational skills both [...]


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Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash by Stella Orange Warning: This story contains violence, and may be hard for some to read. Consider skipping if you’re feeling tender or your emotional bucket is already full today. At 3:00 am on Friday night, the Philosopher and I woke up to someone screaming. I ran to the bedroom window, and looked outside to see a man beating a woman. I ran out the front door and yelled at the guy to stop. I yelled that I saw him and what he was doing. I yelled I was going to call the police. The man got in [...]


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Photo by Leon Liu on Unsplash By Maria Sylvester, MSW, CPC The glorious new year is upon us, and with it comes that sweet, hopeful energy of new beginnings, fresh starts, and perhaps if we are lucky, dreams realized. A new year awakens us to, above all else, a sense of possibility. Maybe, just maybe, I can meet some of my heart’s deepest longings. Maybe, just maybe, what felt unsurmountable last year can be a challenge I accomplish this time around. A new year always brings whispers of hope. Whispers we must listen carefully to, and be prepared to honor and respect. In other [...]


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by Madeleine Forbes December is a time of paradox for those of us tuned into the seasons. And even if the rhythms of the land are not ones you pay attention too, you probably know what I’m talking about. One one hand, there’s the buzz and gaiety of the holidays — brightly-lit spaces, gatherings with family and friends, the hustle and chaos of feasting. And on the other, there’s the stillness of the land. The trees stand bare; the sap moves inward, stalling growth. Movement is kept to a minimum. The birds forage quickly, finding what spare sustenance they can. The [...]

Reflections on a Girl’s Journey through Ice and Life

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Review by Bernadette Quist of the book Across the Lake by Lee Zacharias Author Lee Zacharias adeptly captures the mind and voice of both a five-year-old girl and an eighty-year-old woman — sometimes on the same page. Mostly, we hear from sassy, ahead-of-her-time Fern who goes on the trip of a lifetime with her mostly illusive freighter-captain father. He takes her to work with him on his Lake Michigan railcar ferry when her mother becomes too ill to care for her. Fern’s father is gone most of the time, but on one sadly memorable trip, he makes the decision to take her [...]

Into the Unknown

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Woman on the Street by Stella Orange Of all the stories that have ever been told, there’s one that I love most of all. It’s a story I learned when I was in college, more than (gulp!) twenty years ago. It’s a story that I now teach in my writing workshops. It goes something like this: A woman is sitting at home on her couch. She’s got her comfy PJs on and a big bowl of popcorn (or pastry; take your pick). The curtains are drawn and the house is quiet. She picks up the remote control and turns on a [...]


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“Let others see their greatness by looking into your eyes.”  ~ Mollie Morti By Maria Sylvester ‘Tis the season of presents. For some, giving gifts is a delicious delight. For others, it is a nerve-racking, stress-filled challenge. Why not take the pressure out of this year’s holiday time? Gift-shopping need not have to throw you into overwhelm. Instead, simply consider nurturing all of your relationships with the gift of presence — your wonderful presence! How does one practice presence in relationships? First and foremost, you must appreciate your personal significance. Feel into this. Really recognize how much you matter to those [...]


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by Kristen Domingue There’s something inspiring about meeting someone who walks their talk when it comes to making the world a better place for more than just themselves. The insightful way Etta Heisler has chosen to apply her training in social justice in both her work at The Leslie Science and Nature Center and in her personal life is admirable. She takes the phrase “be the change you wish to see in the world” to heart. And her work shows it. Her ongoing negotiation with work and life for authentic balance includes managing the thin line between her best work and [...]


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by Maria Sylvester A thankful heart hath a continual feast. ~W.J. Cameron Feel it. Offer it. Watch your life transform! Give yourself the pleasure of a moment of appreciating something, and watch how, just like a magnet, riches on many levels come back to you! Appreciation is defined as “the recognition and enjoyment of good qualities of someone or something.” Opening ourselves to savoring the good qualities of people, circumstances, or things around us is so simple to do. The option is always there. You can experience appreciation and gratitude in any instant you choose. Begin now, today, in this month [...]


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by Stephanie Saline Sometimes, cars are too fast and even bicycles feel like rushing. Don’t get me wrong: the wheel is a remarkable invention. I’m glad I have it to thank for all sorts of transits and adventures. But there are times when walking is the only way to go. There’s something deeply satisfying about using your own two feet to traverse the planet. It’s travel at a human pace, for starters. Your eyes can take in the surroundings at a digestible speed. Philosophically, your body is no longer cargo — it once again becomes the vehicle. I once had a [...]

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