Woman on the Street | Coming Home from the Coffee Shop

2018-08-30T21:45:20+00:00September 1st, 2018|Inspirational|

By Stephanie Saline Walking home from the coffee shop last week, three of my neighbors were chatting conspiratorially on the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street at the house next door. I asked them if they were plotting the revolution, and one of them asked me where I’d come from. I told them about the new coffee shop that opened less than half a mile from our houses. It’s the kind of place that posts where they get their coffee beans. The kind of place that has sidewalk seating and Parisian-style chairs. The kind of place that has [...]

Memories in My Button Jar

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By Marilyn A. Pellini Like all young brides, I could hardly wait to start accumulating the necessities of married life. I registered for china, silver, and crystal, bought all new furnishings for my adorable first apartment, and even gathered together the usual bridal trousseau. In those days, I was eager to collect anything that would later be shared memories with my new husband. I would search for little mementos from places we visited, knowing these were sure to find the perfect shelf or table on which they could be displayed. When we finally began married life together, I saved everything. I [...]

The Only Woman In The Room | Life as an Aerospace Unicorn with Kami Meader

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By Kristen Domingue When we spoke to Kamala Meader, founder, and CEO of Aerokam Engineering, we were inspired by her tenacity despite the challenges she recounts being one of the only women in her classrooms and jobs. Caught at the crossroads between societal expectations of being “the perfect mother” while having a “full career,” Kami’s honesty about the costs and the choices serve to remind us that while having it all is possible, having it all at once is not.   ___  When I consider how I got into aerospace engineering, I think DNA chose my path. My father was an aerospace stress engineer and he used to take me [...]

Cover Story | Your Dreams, Your Terms

2018-08-01T19:43:26+00:00August 1st, 2018|Ann Arbor Interest, Career, Inspirational|

By Kristen Domingue In our conversation with Angela Harrison, we watched how a gnawing childhood passion turns itself into a career. While there are many paths to fulfillment with lots of uncertainty and twists and turns, the unencumbered certainty that drove Harrison is an inspiration to behold. Her conviction about the way every woman should feel in her clothes (and in her own skin) showcases her true gift: delivering self-love to everyone she touches. Before I even knew what “styling” meant, I was a stylist. Barbies were always swapping tops and bottoms instead of wearing their assigned outfits. My childhood dress-up [...]

Letting Go & Creating the Healthy, Happy Life You Desire

2018-07-30T20:57:15+00:00August 1st, 2018|Health, Inspirational|

By: Tanya Penny, OTR, Health Coach We are often told by others to “just let it go.” The question I always asked was “HOW?!” Like most people, I was not taught how to let things go. I had a father who was very critical and controlling — the opposite of letting go. My mother would constantly bring up things that happened years (or decades) prior, and was also a hoarder (she still has my elementary school projects and prom dress). So, letting go was not something that was modeled for me while growing up. From a young age, I struggled with [...]

Woman on the Street | City of Good Neighbors

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By Stephanie Saline “And who will take care of your male?” my neighbor Margaret said. She’d crossed to my side of the street, and we were talking about her upcoming trip to Nantucket and mine to the north woods of Minnesota. “My what?” I said “Who will look after your male?” I thought I misheard her. “My WHAT?” She gestured towards our front porch, where Mark was laying on the outdoor couch. “Your male.” Surely, this older neighbor whose husband had died fifteen years ago wasn’t talking about who would take care of my own. I looked at her, utterly confused. [...]

Let That Old Story Go

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By: Maria Sylvester  All that we are is a result of what we have thought.  ~Buddha  Time to rewrite the script, I remind coaching clients who come feeling stuck, frustrated, and unable to move their lives forward. Often we have clear goals and aspirations, plans and grand intentions. We strive toward these dreams while at the same time subconsciously believing we are “not good enough,” “unworthy,” “invisible,” “going to be rejected,” or any number of negative tales we spin about ourselves. We are likely to sabotage our endeavors unless we change such negative subconscious chatter. Until the subconscious becomes conscious and [...]

I Lost My Phone and I Don’t Care: On Freedom and Letting Go

2018-07-23T19:47:21+00:00August 1st, 2018|Inspirational|

By: Madeleine Forbes I lost my phone last week. It was there, charging in the car. We visited friends and stocked up on groceries, and then it was gone. I searched for it, at first casually and then frantically. Retraced my steps. Asked the friends to search their house; eventually went back to do the same, convinced my sense of need and willingness to upturn the sofa would be more effective at locating it. It was not. There was a week of slightly awkward communication, as I directed people to my husband’s number, explaining mine was out of action. I felt [...]

Inner Alchemy

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Inner Alchemy By Sharon Marie Lawlor The other day, I went to a Five-Element Guided Meditation. My friend, Jason Blackman, was facilitating. It was an interactive visualization incorporating colors and breathwork to help move stuck and stagnant energy. And boy, did it move! At different stages of the meditation, I was in tears. I was letting go and releasing trapped emotions within the cells of my being. I was lying on the ground atop my favorite yoga mat, draped with a special rose-colored blanket adorned with golden roses that I brought. It was, in a sense, my security blanket protecting me; [...]


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By Sharon Marie Lawlor Summer is the most magical time of the year for me. I absolutely LOVE the warmth of the sun and the sunshine it brings. There is an aliveness within me that it sparks like no other season. Radiance is the perfect word to describe this. What is radiance to you? Shining bright comes to mind. Letting the true you shine forth from the inside out, capturing your unique beauty. When connecting with your truth in such a way, it can increase self-confidence so much that you feel unstoppable. As I’m tapping into this energy, it feels so expansive, creative, [...]

Woman on the Street | On Writing To Yourself 

2018-06-27T15:59:04+00:00July 1st, 2018|Inspirational|

By Stephanie Saline  “Don’t knock masturbation,” Woody Allen has said; “it’s sex with someone I love.”  While not quite as taboo as fiddling one’s bits, writing to oneself can be just as naughty and restorative.    As I sit typing this on a Sunday morning at my favorite café (the best sugar donuts in town, arrive around 10:30), I am seated next to a woman who is writing to herself. She is writing in an unlined journal with the precise, dramatic script of an artist. I sneek a peek at her page, and see that she’s writing about photography. Or more specifically: her musings, curiosities, and investigations about photography. I see [...]

Release Your Regrets. It’s a New Day! 

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By Maria Sylvester  Regrets — oh, how they can haunt us. They can torture us too, draining our energy and spirits, especially if excessively dwelled upon. Regrets are no fun to tangle with, yet so often they end up tying us in knots.  Pestering and festering regrets come in several varieties. A regret can surface as you ponder an action taken, or ponder an action not taken. If you take an action that results in a nasty outcome, you can end up blaming yourself, or feel a sense of deep sadness reflecting on what might have been. Sometimes we wish we could undo a [...]

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