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by Randi Rubenstein Adapted from We want our kids to appreciate all we do for them. We want them to grow up feeling grateful for all the opportunities they have been given. Like getting a great education and living in a nice house. We not only meet their basic needs, we exceed their expectations on the daily. You are a parent that over-delivers in pretty much every way when it comes to your kiddos. You prioritize your role as mom or dad above all else in your life. Your end game involves raising good people. You want your kids to [...]

Magical Halloween Memories

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By: Randi Rubenstein It was November 1st, 2017. I’m driving my sixth-grade son, Cory, home from school and he says, “Halloween really sucked this year.” Immediately my brain started swirling. I felt my body temperature rise and my heart began racing ever so slightly. This is what happens when you find yourself in a triggered moment. What happens next is usually words, actions and behaviors that you don’t really want to do or say, but nonetheless, you find yourself in The Parent Gap. The Parent Gap is the name of the book I wrote and the term I use to explain [...]

Back to School

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By Randi Rubenstein Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with back-to-school season. Like you, summer has always been my busiest mama time due to the wide-open days without school. I’m on summer number 20 as a mom. That’s right. Two. Zero. And at this point, I’ve got a pretty good handle on summer structure combined with summer chill time. I’ve learned that it’s truly a balancing act. Unfortunately, it took many summers to figure out the ratio that works best for me and my family. There were many summers early on when I over-ambitiously UNDER-planned. I had this dream of care-free [...]

How Time Outside will Help Increase Learning

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By Virginia Yurich People say that nothing beats a Michigan summer, but it is also true that nothing beats a Michigan fall. As beach time and camping slip into hoodies and apple orchards, we physically feel the change of the seasons in Michigan. With the purchase of new backpacks and colored pencils, there is anticipation for change and new experiences. The start of a school year is such an exciting time that we can easily forget that there are many things that contribute to learning beyond pen and pencil. There is more and more research confirming that the brain and the body are intricately related, and that movement can actually increase the capacity of the brain. As we slide into the routines [...]

Bring Order to Your Home by Letting Go of Perfection

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By: Randi Rubenstein Q: “I was total scary mommy this morning. I had a fit about Henry getting chocolate breakfast bar on the couch. Like a total Mommy Meltdown! I know I’m focused on the wrong thing. I’m choosing neatness over what’s really important...people. I feel super guilty after these meltdowns. How do I realistically maintain order and also begin letting some things go?” A: There is a sweet spot for moms when it comes to taking pride in your home without driving your family crazy. The need to maintain order and cleanliness in our homes is frequently the catalyst for many [...]

Is it Time for a Parenting Make-over

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By Randi Rubenstein  Similar to the calendar, we humans cycle through different seasons in our lives. Our revolving seasons are a time of transition and change. We often look forward to the new season only to find that once it’s upon us, the fantasy we envisioned doesn’t quite match the reality of all that’s involved. For example, the sunshine and lazy days of summer also come with mosquitos and excessive heat — well, that’s the case in Houston anyway. And even though the winter might involve skiing and snowmen, it can also be dreary, gray, and depressing. Point being, with each new season there are both positives [...]

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