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Photo by Victoria Roman on Unsplash By Anna Wilking When I first created a Tinder profile I did it in jest at the prompting of a friend. I had just defended my dissertation on sex work in Ecuador after an 18-month period of intense academic rigor. To say that I lived the existence of a nun would be an understatement. I followed a strict regiment in which I went to bed early and woke up early to have my breakfast and set off to the NYU library for a day of writing in precise 45-minute chunks. I would take a lunch break in which [...]

Simple Manners Can Make For a More Civil Society

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Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash By Marilyn Pellini As I was about to pay my check at the local sandwich shop, two teenage boys joined me at the register. They looked fairly affluent, dressed in Under Armour from head to toe. They were definitely not thugs. Suddenly I felt a bump on my shoulder, and an arm shot directly in front of my face, and I was forced to jump back a little. One of the boys reached across for a menu. Not a word of apology was uttered, and I have to admit I was rather annoyed since I am a senior [...]


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by Anna Wilking For anyone who has been single at an age when you’re “supposed” to be partnered, it can be a gut-wrenching time. After a sudden and terrible breakup with a (terrible) partner, who I was willing to hunker down with and squeeze out some babies, I suddenly found myself alone and heartbroken at the age of 38. I had been with my partner for several years and could have never foreseen the circumstances that led to my walking out (more on that later). Little did I know that I would be single for the next four years. Yes, I [...]

Harvesting Your Strengths in Relationships

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by Maria Sylvester Where there is the greatest love, there are always miracles.  ~ Willa Cather When was the last time you celebrated what was working well in your relationships? When was the last time you noted what you were contributing? Rather than feeling inadequate when a connection steers off course, why not help set it straight again by plugging into your relationship superpowers? Do you know what yours are? Noting that is definitely worth a moment of reflection. Don’t fall into the trap of focusing on what isn’t working, or on the problems you are having with someone. Instead, concentrate [...]

Woman on the Street | City of Good Neighbors

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By Stephanie Saline “And who will take care of your male?” my neighbor Margaret said. She’d crossed to my side of the street, and we were talking about her upcoming trip to Nantucket and mine to the north woods of Minnesota. “My what?” I said “Who will look after your male?” I thought I misheard her. “My WHAT?” She gestured towards our front porch, where Mark was laying on the outdoor couch. “Your male.” Surely, this older neighbor whose husband had died fifteen years ago wasn’t talking about who would take care of my own. I looked at her, utterly confused. [...]

Woman on the Street | Asking Strangers If They’re Okay

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by Stephanie Saline On my way home walking the dog, a woman in a sweatshirt, sarong, and slippers shuffled down the middle of a fairly busy road. She was older, and clutching folded clothes in her arms. She looked distressed and lost.   I should back up: we live in a neighborhood that is home to many refugees. Ten thousand people from other countries have resettled in our city over the last ten years, and many of them live in five hundred previously vacant houses in our neighborhood. Mostly, they come from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Central Africa, and Eritrea.   This makes for the not-so-uncommon sight of women, men, and kids going about their days, colorful sarongs or headscarves (or [...]

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