Anger: Gunfire vs. Fire In Our Belly

2018-11-29T20:02:09+00:00November 28th, 2018|Spirituality|

by Morella Devost, EdM, MA What is happening in our communities? As I write this, people are mourning eleven Jewish brothers and sisters in Pittsburgh. The pipe bomber had his first court appearance. Every day, we see proof that old-school civility in politics and evening news has been replaced by insults, vitriol, and blaming. We have an anger problem in our country (and world), and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. But before we are tempted to point the finger, let’s all pause to explore what’s really behind the collective anger issue. The problem is not that there is [...]

Leading the Way: Ushering In a New Way of Being

2018-10-06T12:07:23+00:00September 30th, 2018|Ann Arbor Interest, Inspirational, Spirituality|

By: Sharon Lawlor While traveling over the summer with my ten-year-old daughter and husband, I was taken back to the days when I was a young girl traveling with my family — no maps pulled up at the press of a finger, no Siri telling you where to go. In today’s world, one can turn on their maps app, enter where they want to go, and basically slip into autopilot, knowing that the phone will direct you step-by-step along the way. There is such a tunnel vision that happens here. Not even for a moment do we pause to wonder what [...]

Instead of Heading Deeper Down the Doubt Path…

2018-08-30T23:47:01+00:00September 1st, 2018|Spirituality|

By Maria Sylvester  Cooler September breezes are upon us, reminding us that we are heading toward a transition. The close of summer and the beginning of fall is just one of a myriad of transitions we experience in a lifetime. Transitions are a common theme in my life-coaching practice, as many clients seek support when faced with a transition point in their life. There are multiple reasons why a person might seek help when transitioning from one aspect or area of their life to another, but I believe it is the experience of uncertainty that these times call forth that especially drives clients my way.  What is [...]

Let That Old Story Go

2018-07-30T21:38:19+00:00August 1st, 2018|Inspirational, Spirituality|

By: Maria Sylvester  All that we are is a result of what we have thought.  ~Buddha  Time to rewrite the script, I remind coaching clients who come feeling stuck, frustrated, and unable to move their lives forward. Often we have clear goals and aspirations, plans and grand intentions. We strive toward these dreams while at the same time subconsciously believing we are “not good enough,” “unworthy,” “invisible,” “going to be rejected,” or any number of negative tales we spin about ourselves. We are likely to sabotage our endeavors unless we change such negative subconscious chatter. Until the subconscious becomes conscious and [...]

Inner Alchemy

2018-07-30T21:28:59+00:00August 1st, 2018|Ann Arbor Interest, Inspirational, Spirituality|

Inner Alchemy By Sharon Marie Lawlor The other day, I went to a Five-Element Guided Meditation. My friend, Jason Blackman, was facilitating. It was an interactive visualization incorporating colors and breathwork to help move stuck and stagnant energy. And boy, did it move! At different stages of the meditation, I was in tears. I was letting go and releasing trapped emotions within the cells of my being. I was lying on the ground atop my favorite yoga mat, draped with a special rose-colored blanket adorned with golden roses that I brought. It was, in a sense, my security blanket protecting me; [...]


2018-06-27T17:05:50+00:00July 1st, 2018|Inspirational, Spirituality|

By Sharon Marie Lawlor Summer is the most magical time of the year for me. I absolutely LOVE the warmth of the sun and the sunshine it brings. There is an aliveness within me that it sparks like no other season. Radiance is the perfect word to describe this. What is radiance to you? Shining bright comes to mind. Letting the true you shine forth from the inside out, capturing your unique beauty. When connecting with your truth in such a way, it can increase self-confidence so much that you feel unstoppable. As I’m tapping into this energy, it feels so expansive, creative, [...]

Release Your Regrets. It’s a New Day! 

2018-06-27T17:46:30+00:00July 1st, 2018|Inspirational, Spirituality|

By Maria Sylvester  Regrets — oh, how they can haunt us. They can torture us too, draining our energy and spirits, especially if excessively dwelled upon. Regrets are no fun to tangle with, yet so often they end up tying us in knots.  Pestering and festering regrets come in several varieties. A regret can surface as you ponder an action taken, or ponder an action not taken. If you take an action that results in a nasty outcome, you can end up blaming yourself, or feel a sense of deep sadness reflecting on what might have been. Sometimes we wish we could undo a [...]


2018-06-01T14:11:19+00:00June 1st, 2018|Inspirational, Spirituality|

by Sharon Lawlor   Have you ever felt that your life or the world around you is going too fast and wished you could find a pause button? Perhaps you need a little reprieve to get yourself sorted, to recalibrate, and clear the mental chaos to finally be able to focus? Perhaps you need the time to catch your breath or gain a new perspective, because life has you too boxed-in and feeling uncomfortable?   Maybe you are experiencing growing pains — the discomfort of the skin of the “old” you, and no room to expand into your full potential?  What if life could be filled with more ease? No more push-and-pull tug-of-war with your mind, body, [...]


2018-04-27T19:09:11+00:00May 1st, 2018|Inspirational, Spirituality|

by Sharon Marie Surrender. That word came into my awareness the moment I thought about what to write about next. Soon after, I was looking for something on a bookshelf downstairs and was drawn to a journal. I had not opened it in years and couldn’t remember what that journal was for (as I have accumulated many journals over the years, each having their special purpose). You know what I found when I opened that journal? A list of ‘Seven Steps of Conscious Change’. Coincidentally, the last step on the list was ‘surrender!’ This word was speaking to me. Now to listen and [...]

Spring Into the Art of Being

2018-04-02T13:13:56+00:00April 1st, 2018|Inspirational, Spirituality|

by Maria Sylveter Being, not doing, is my first joy. ~Theodore Roethke Spring is upon us! And as nature is welcoming in this time of glorious new beginnings, perhaps you too will be inspired for some fresh starts. The spring season, with buds blooming and birds chirping, invites us toward healthier living. Listen. I’m sure you will hear the calling! Healthy living, to me, includes valuing playtime and just being time as much as work and productive time. We are human beings, not human doings, as the saying goes. So why not use the gift of spring’s arrival as the time you begin [...]

The Importance Of Self Care

2018-03-27T19:41:44+00:00January 31st, 2018|Spirituality|

Today is a cold winter day. I’m curled up in my favorite blanket drinking herbal tea that my friend Megan lovingly created, letting my mind explore the topic of self-care. Some would say self-care is a form of self-love, where we consciously and intentionally honor ourselves — in a sense, shower ourselves with love. I feel such a tenderness to life after reading the above quote, like the love we would give to a newborn baby. “Do you stop to smell the roses? Are we gentle with life’s delicate balance? Do we honor the present state of being, and adore the beauty?” “Our [...]

Finding Your Inner Wisdom This Year

2018-03-08T20:18:32+00:00January 7th, 2018|Spirituality|

With the new year, it’s an open possibility. A blank slate. A mystery to the unknown. A new seed that we get to nurture and grow. If we were diligent in the fall, releasing what no longer was serving us (mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual levels) then the ground this new seed will be planted is rich. No worries though, if one wasn’t diligent in letting go in the fall season, as we can still ‘weed’ anytime to create more viable space. This primed spaciousness allows the seed of our desires to grow and flourish. I know for me, looking ahead of the [...]

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