By Juna Guetter Photo by Jamie Brown on Unsplash When I was a young girl, I loved words. In first grade I thought the word “girl” was so cool because you could spell it “g-i-r-l” OR “g-r-i-l” and it could mean a “young lady” or a “barbeque” and grownups had to figure out what you meant. You could just move letters around. Writing was so playful for me. In those carefree days, as soon as I’d come home from school, I’d run to my big sheets of paper, sprawl myself on the living room floor with the box of 64 Crayola crayons I shared [...]

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Woman on the Street: Writing My Way Home, AGAIN (Geez!)


By Stella Orange When I started a writing business ten years ago, I wrote stuff for my clients five days a week. It made me a much more skilled writer. So years later, when I started teaching self-employed people how to improve their writing, I thought it made sense to teach writing skills. “Tell us how you write a headline,” my students would ask. “Show us how to write a catchy subject line for an email.” So at first, that’s what I did. But what I quickly came to realize was that learning skills weren’t actually helping my students connect with, [...]

Woman on the Street: Writing My Way Home, AGAIN (Geez!)2019-02-19T15:37:19-04:00