Photo by Ian Kiragu on Unsplash

by Sharon Marie Lawlor

Today is the start of a new year. New Year’s resolutions are in full force for some. For others, they perhaps want something else.

If you could wave a magic wand over your life right now, how would it ideally be?

Stop to think about that. Really give it some thought.

Don’t just look at your physical self (as most New Year’s resolutions focus on), but at all aspects of you. This will help create an over-arching vision of this new energy. Dream BIG!

Knock down any walls that closed you in. If ANYTHING was possible, what would that be?

Keep going. Dream even BIGGER!

Dream so big that it feels so ridiculously inconceivable. That’s when you have some magic to work with.

Keep that feeling with you. Notice all of the nuances. Write them down. Are you standing taller, more radiant, more confident? How would you describe it?

In your mind’s eye, envision this new you, your new life in vivid detail. What do your days look like? How are you dressed? What are you doing, saying, creating, and being? What nourishes you?

Look at everything about yourself: your relationships, finances, health, home, career, spirituality, personal growth, emotional well-being, creativity, joy, social life, physical activity, education, home cooking, and mind-set — plus, anything else that is important in creating a balanced, evolving, fulfilled, joyful life.

In order to manifest anew, we need to become this new energy vibration. Totally embody it. So, by imagining what it is, we are trying it on, shifting our awareness, and opening up to receive it in a new way.

Please note at any moment you have total control to make any alterations of this dream if any part of it does not align to your truth; keep tweaking it until it does.

Spend as much time envisioning, embodying, and connecting to this dream on a regular basis as you can. Daily, smaller increments create more momentum than large, less frequent chunks of time. Think of it as creating a new habit, and it’s these habits that create the big change we desire. It’s a lifestyle, not an accomplishment to check off our list of to-do’s. 

When this happens, it magnetizes other resonant energies and experiences to us. Slowly, step-by-step building anew. I see it as pulling it closer and closer to ourselves as well as simultaneously maneuvering towards our desires.

When we associate on a new level, there will inevitably be things in our lives that will be in discord from where we started on our path. This is a part of the journey! Release, release, release! This releasing helps open up space for the new to arrive — we’re letting go of the old that no longer supports our new vision. This can be a time that feels freeing to let go of old energy that is weighing us down, whether literally or mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Or, fear can set in and slow down our process. Fear can be our ego speaking to us, as ego is here to keep one safe. When the status quo is interrupted, fear can throw us off balance; it works really hard to keep you the same and not change. When you see fear arise, give voice to what it is; this shines light on it and brings awareness to the situation. Now, it shouldn’t be allowed to hide out and spread. I usually see this happen when one disconnects from their heart and body, and the ego grabs ahold of the mind. 

Grounding practices can definitely help re-connect the heart and body. Reach out to me personally if you need help finding grounding practices that work for you, I’d be happy to assist. 

When connecting back to your heart and soul, really feel into that space. Communicate to yourself that you are safe and supported. Feel that rootedness in Mother Gaia. Trust and allow the divine to guide you on the next step of your journey towards your magnificent new life. Take each of those actions, one-by-one, until this vision is fully realized. This can be your year! I truly believe that!

Imagine what this world would be like it we had the courage to fully be ourselves in the greatness we were meant to be. Those dreams are your dreams, and no one else’s. They are within you for a reason. Trust that. Hold on to that vision with all your might.

Sometimes, we need to keep those precious dreams to ourselves while we are tending these very delicate seeds into seedlings. That’s okay. You don’t want anyone else to throw you off course with their own opinions or fears. If that does happen though, just get back onto your path, dust yourself off, and continue forward. And if you do need a trusted listener to share your dream with, please know I am here for you. You can email me, or if you need a face-to-face conversation I’m available locally for tea. 

I know it can be scary to claim big dreams. Put that stake in the ground! We need to get the thoughts out of our head in order to manifest formlessness into form, one step at a time. Remember it’s the journey, not the destination. So, please enjoy yourself while you are walking this path — you got this


Sharon Marie Lawlor works holistically within the body-mind-spirit framework of her clients to reawaken them to their own innate tranquil being and feel a new sense of peace. She’s skilled in working with the elements to create more flow, spaciousness, ease, and magic while deepening her clients’ connection to self through healing bodywork, mindful dialogue, and experiential journeys. 

Sharon is the founder and energy alchemist at Tranquil Being. Connect with her through email here ( or call 734-761-8753. She’s located within K. West Skin Body Soul at 415 N. Main St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104.