With the new year, it’s an open possibility. A blank slate. A mystery to the unknown. A new seed that we get to nurture and grow. If we were diligent in the fall, releasing what no longer was serving us (mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual levels) then the ground this new seed will be planted is rich. No worries though, if one wasn’t diligent in letting go in the fall season, as we can still ‘weed’ anytime to create more viable space. This primed spaciousness allows the seed of our desires to grow and flourish.

I know for me, looking ahead of the next twelve months, there is so much spaciousness I haven’t filled the calendar with. I feel a sense of lightness and can breathe. There is movement and flow. This is a thread I want to continue throughout 2018, but it is something I cannot leave to chance. It is something I will need to be aware of and fuse every day with the energy I want to carry forth.

Perhaps the energy you’d like to carry forth is quite different and should be unique to you- that’s the beauty of life, isn’t it?

The more I am delving into this; I am following the sparks of inspiration to understand more what this new year is about. For the past four years, I have done a ritual during the Capricorn new moon to help anchor what it was I was creating for the upcoming year. Consciously designing a powerful creation plan for my year and incorporating movement to help activate this energy throughout the cells of my being.

The past few years I have also layered a visual component too, a Vision Quest, in the form of a vision board or an essence board. Have you done this before? If you are unfamiliar with this, here are 11 basic steps to create your own:

1) Gather your supplies ahead of time. Collect some magazines, a pair of scissors, liquid glue for paper or a glue stick, a large poster board or I have also used a heavyweight watercolor paper (140lbs) or canvas board.

2) Block out time on your schedule. This may be a full day or a few hours over a few days where you have the time for yourself without distractions.

3) Create a sacred space. This could be an altar with the energy you want to invoke for your new year to help hold the space for you to delve in. This could be a candle, a special notebook to write down messages that may come to you and your favorite pen. You may want fresh flowers or a plant at the desk/table in which you are working or whatever brings you joy

4) Ground into your body and connect with your heart. This could be through meditation, a movement piece, dance, writing in a journal, or what works for you.

5) Write down your intention for the new year onto your paper or board.

6) Connect to your intention while you go through your magazines. Cut out images, words, and phrases that speak to you. Cut out more than you think you need.

7) Place them on your poster board, canvas board or heavy weight paper without gluing first. Rearrange, move, or layer until it speaks to you that it is complete.

8) Glue down each piece. Things may shift a bit in this process, and that is okay.

9) Take in the entire finished piece. Listen to any messages it speaks to you and journal.

10) Place finished the piece in a spot where you can connect with its energy and vibration frequently. Keep holding that intention in your heart that you want to create in your year.

11) Enjoy the journey. Take actions that are aligned with your vision and see what manifests.

Sharon Marie helps clients create spaciousness within for them to pause, connect to their heart, and feel a new sense of peace. She brings so much compassion and understanding to her clients as she holds space for them on their journey. Her suite is the perfect space holder for her work, providing a safe and sacred container for her clients to fully relax. Sharon’s eclectic mix of modalities includes healing massage and bodywork, infrared sauna, medicine walks in nature, the natural rhythms and elements in nature, the wisdom of the season’s, and creativity for healing.

Sharon Marie, Founder and Creative Director at Tranquil Being. Contact her through email connect@tranquilbeing.com or call 734-761-8753. She’s located at Tranquil Being, 320 Miller Ave, Suite 185, Ann Arbor, MI 48103