By Alycia M. Huston, NeuroLeadership Consultant

I know that for me, home is comfort, love, peace, and support.  For others, home may be represented by adventure, nomadic experiences, or a myriad of friends.  There is truly no one, two, or three ways it must be classified; the truth is, YOU create what it means.

As I sit at my dining room table and peer out of my white plantation blinds, a smile comes to my face. I actually FEEL a sense of peace. I see my beautiful birds-of-paradise along with the other handsome greenery that makes my heart sing. What I realize is that same emotional response is exactly what makes this home, for me.

There are many times we are instructed to “get out of our emotions;” I believe is a misunderstanding. We don’t always appreciate how those same emotions contribute to our lives in such a wholesome way.  I would invite you to simply tune into each of your emotions in order to discover what they mean at a deeper level.  

We can sometimes lose sight of the fact that our brains are profoundly powerful. Your emotional experience of home, as a presence in the brain, could actually have a positive impact on your overall well-being.

I would like you to sit back and think about how your vision of home was shaped. Was it from childhood memories, adolescent experiences, or possibly even created during your adult life? What I’d like you to realize is those views are tied directly to an emotion you associate with that time in your life. Those emotions and memories, whether positive or negative, have a charge that caused them to remain in your psyche and create your reality.

It’s true, not everybody’s memories of home may not be positive. However, the power is within you to change that view.

Within our brain resides this amazing mechanism called the amygdala; it’s this small yet powerful creation that is responsible for our emotions. As you begin to master this lovely piece of the mind, it’s able to serve you at an extremely high level. It is my personal belief that when you are able to master the emotional mind, there is nothing in this world that can stop you. In my eyes, emotion simply equates to energy in motion. There is positive energy and negative energy, as we know from simple physics. We can also see in physics how both of these energies are able to be manipulated to create a different result. If science shows us that this is possible to do with matter, shouldn’t it be possible for human beings to do the same?

I have three children — one in college, the other in high school, and the third in elementary school. As you can imagine, each of their lives is vastly different, as they are in different phases of life. However, it has always been a personal mission of mine to ensure their home life is filled with extremely fond memories. Now, as we live in this world, we understand that may not always be possible; there will be unanticipated adversities and roadblocks. What I instill in my children is that the key to your personal perception lies within you. Each situation offers insights that contribute to your life in major ways, even if they feel minor.

As summer winds down and we step into this next season, make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to do something different this year to enhance your experience of feeling at home. It doesn’t have to be a major change; it could mean simple moments, like something as small as calling someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, or making yourself some hot cocoa and sitting with your own thoughts for a spell. These small shifts will generate something extremely meaningful for you. Who knows what new insights you may garner for yourself or what silent whispers will now become more audible.


This life is meant to be lived with joy. Of course we will experience setbacks and heartache; but, we will also experience new love, friendships, and adventure. I encourage you to create HOME according to your specifications and desires. The lasting effects this will have on you and your loved ones will be nothing short of priceless.

Alycia Huston
Alycia HustonAuthor
Alycia Huston is a consultant for high-powered and accomplished entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Helping to build a business, make key decisions for your company, lead from “within and of ” your people, and helping you to take pride in your accomplishments. LeaDHERship Adventures.
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