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By Shell Phelps

It’s time to focus on your ambitions and compile your list of your aspirations. Narrow down this list to your top three obtainable goals. This will guide you and give you direction. 

Just like a road map, goals lead you to a precise location. They guide you to fulfill your purpose of finding happiness while achieving your success stories. 

The best way to achieve a goal is to assign actions steps to them. The tasks are the seeds, and as you complete each one, you begin planting and watering the seeds of success. The benefits of goal-setting are most useful and beneficial for enhancing life’s ambitions. 

Most goals are not attainable instantaneously, so having a solid approach keeps you moving in the right direction and can alleviate feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed out. Each completed action can turn into beautiful fruits of your labor. Watch as your ambitions grow and take you closer to hitting your target of success. 

Giving up is the easy way out. Whatever you do, don’t give up on your dream, your goals, or a task when life gets too hard. Just take a break and rethink a new strategy. People give up every day, but those who keep going achieve their goals.

Jump over those hurdles that life throws at you. It’s harder to overcome challenges, but if it’s worth doing, don’t give up. Press on and make it happen. Be the one that people admire because you inspire.

Here are five seeds of ambition you can plant for success:

1) Exercise Your Flexibility Muscle – Flex the muscles of your perspective to see things differently and make your objectives work. It’s good to have a plan, but be bendable when things don’t go exactly your way. Find your balance in how flexible you need to be to obtain your goals without compromising your dignity or principles.

2) Face Fears with a Plan – If a goal ignites a fear that you need to face, create a plan to overcome it. Find a support person who has faced this fear already, or someone who supports you in life. Identify one method that will help to improve the experience. Fear is ruled by an unknown outcome. If you can face the worse possible scenario, then you’ve got it!

3) Slow Down – Is it better to have things done right now or to have them done right? Enjoy the journey of the accomplishment instead of hurrying through life. Checking items off a to-do list feels great, but rushing through the items leaves room for errors or missed steps. Slow things down a notch when you notice the finished product isn’t your best.

4) Focus on What You Can Do – It’s natural and easy to find things that you don’t want to do, don’t like, or can’t prevent. Instead, challenge your thinking to focus on the one thing you can do or change. Practice regulating your thoughts by producing action steps that will make a positive difference. Keep reinforcing your attention on what you can do.

5) Boundaries: Create Yours – Think of boundaries the same way you consider walls in your home. They are needed to separate space. Don’t find excuses or exceptions to remove the separators (walls) that are necessary to achieve your goals. Empower yourself and hold strong to the boundaries you set. Define what you’re willing and unwilling to accept by knowing your own limits.

To summarize: Wherever you place your thoughts and attention will become your focus. Keep your goals in sight. Knowing what you want and getting there can be the hardest part. Achievement takes determination and dedication with an unwavering focus. Keep reviewing your plan; be flexible, but stay on target. 

Life is full of distractions. Carve out time to filter your thoughts and clear your mind. Knowing what you don’t want is part of the process. Don’t subscribe to the naysayers who don’t see your vision. Instead, let them fuel you. Remember that you will have obstacles. Jump over them or find a way around them. Just don’t give up! This is your dream, so focus on making it happen. You’re the only one who can.

Shell Phelps


Shell Phelps is a SHRM-Certified Human Resources Director and co-founder of Phelps Strategies, where she is a strategic life coach. She holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology and previously ran her own private therapy practice. As a strategic life coach, Shell focuses on solution-based strategies to help her clients get through life’s greatest challenges and live happier, more fulfilled lives.  She is the author of the popular book The Big Bliss Blueprint: 100 Little Thoughts to Build Positive Life Changes. 

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