By Ryan Brooks

It’s summer, which means lots of sun, beach, and pool is on the agenda for all of us. I know most of us have our go-to beach bag musts. Usually my bag consists of magazines, earbuds, SPF, hat, and towel. We usually stop there, right? But why? We spend time in the salon getting the best summer cut and color; why not protect that, too, and not just our skin? I am going to fill you in on some easy tips to protect those summer locks from the UV rays and the chlorine that can cause havoc on hair. Prolonged sun exposure can damage the cuticle layer, resulting in color fading, dry or brittle strands, broken and split ends, and can also cause frizz. A few great ways you can help prevent this is buying the right product for what your needs are.

One of my favorite tricks is to do a treatment while laying out on the beach! The best things to use are pre-shampoo masques, which are great because they are designed to be applied before you shower. The two I’d recommend are Oribe Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo Masque or Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil Balm to Oil Pre-Shampoo Masque. Both of these are a hard balm that you warm between your hands and apply to mid-length to ends. You can then put hair up in a top knot and enjoy the beach. Not only do these masques have reparative benefits, but they also have UV filters.

For an easier less-mess go-to, throw a spray in your bag. These are easy to reapply to parched hair; one coat should be enough. They can also double as an easy styling tool! Some of my favorites are KMS Moist Repair Leave-In Conditioner, Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Oil Heat/UV Primer, and Oribe Foundation Mist. These three all have heat and UV protection in them; spray them in, make some braids, and you’re ready. I know that many women love the beach hair look, and Bumble and Bumble has you covered. Don’t Blow It is a great easy styling product that offers two ranges, one for fine hair and the other for thick. Apply to towel-dried hair, comb it through, and air dry it’s that easy. These two formulas enhance natural wave, and again have the UV protectants. The best thing is that it tames hair and leaves it with a natural feel.

Let’s tackle what you can do after the beach or the pool. Kerastase has launched a limited edition range called Soleil. This line has both shampoo and a leave-in cream that have anti-damage and UV protectant properties. The CC Crème can be used before or after your day laying poolside. It’s suitable for all hair types. The Bain Soleil is a shampoo that can be used after a day in the sun (ideally after you’ve done a masque); it helps nourish and protect against future sun damage and is color-safe.

One last tip for those who love the pool, but hate the chlorine and how it can discolor and dry hair out. It’s simple: get your hair wet first! This will help your hair not absorb as much of the chlorinated water. You can also step it up with one of the sprays I recommended, or a spray leave-in conditioner. Also a great thing to do before letting hair dry is to give it a good rinse with clean water.

Hope these products and tips help you not only enhance your beach trip, but keep those locks looking even better during those summer nights!

Ryan Brooks has been a stylist for over 13 years in the Ann Arbor area. He currently is working behind the chair at Tricho Salon and Spa located at Briarwood. For over thirteen years as a stylist, he has worked as an educator for Goldwell and most recently Kerastase. He has also had the opportunity to work with multiple productions in stage, movie, as well as print. Instagram

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