April 2022

Photo by Jack Redgate on Pexels

This year, I set an intention to put myself out there more in the community. I have been supporting a number of local clients through marketing freelancing, but I felt like I could do more, help more, and share more.  

Over the last two years, I’ve been fortunate to be the writer of the feature cover stories for The Brick Magazine. This has been a highlight for me both professionally and personally. I’ve had the opportunity to interview countless remarkable women who have chosen to share their stories with us — from public figures such as Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Justice Bridget McCormack to Laura Jackson (Ms. Wheelchair Michigan) and local treasures like the women at Lewis Jewelers. 

Recognizing that storytelling has become a passion of mine, I started looking for more writing jobs that would complement what I was already doing. There are hundreds of writing jobs open right now. But as I was dusting off my portfolio, I got an email from our Publisher at The Brick Magazine, Sarah Whitsett. The subject line simply said, “Opportunity.” 

What an amazing subject line. My wish for each of you is that at one point in your life, you too get an “Opportunity” email. The opportunity that Sarah offered was to become the magazine’s Managing Editor. Our previous Editor, Tanja MacKenzie, had decided it was time to move on and graciously handed the torch off to me. I hope to make her and all of you proud. 

So here I am, taking these next steps with you, the readers. I’m excited to keep the magazine moving forward and promise to continue providing content and copy that is fresh, inviting, and accessible. 

As you can see in our collection of stories for this month, there are many ways in our daily lives that we can take next steps. Our cover story with Brittany is a perfect example of taking the next step in life. She knew the timing wasn’t perfect, but is it ever? Brittany went with what felt right for her; time has taught her that she only has this one crazy life, so why not do what you love?

In Mary Ann’s story, as told by Ami, Mary Ann moves forward and steps into a new role sharing what she’s learned from being a mom to a sick child and helps other families move through their own experience. 

And as Tanja takes the next step in her career, check out the comforting and nourishing recipe she has chosen to share with us

If, like me, you have thought about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and sharing your story, your passion, your experience, or expertise with our community – reach out to me. We all have a voice and helping women in our community find and share theirs is one of the reasons we feel passionate about what we do here.