One foot in front of the other is how we get anywhere. But where do we go from here?

So often, we concentrate on what we don’t want. We complain, we lament — we’re busy being angry. And rightly so; there’s so much we need to change. 

But how should we go about creating this change?

One thing I’ve started doing more of lately is reframing my questions. Instead of asking what we want less of, we should ask what we want more of.

Focusing on what we do want — justice, equality, peace, and kindness — can be the first step towards a community we enjoy creating together. 

In the fourth year of The Brick Magazine, we are ever grateful for the individuals who come together on these pages to represent Ann Arbor and our surrounding areas.

This month, our theme is “Next Level.” I find myself asking, what it would take to transform our neighborhoods, family relationships, and ourselves into our next versions? 

May we put our energy towards that which we want to see in the world, with our actions and words, so that this next year is more stunning than the last.


Sarah Dew Whitsett