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By Sharon Marie Lawlor

Movement. What is your initial thought when you hear that word? We all want to feel this, yes?

Forward-moving, progression, growth, and expansion might be a few words that come to mind. Perhaps your focus goes to your body and all the ways you are able to move freely (or not so freely anymore).

What I’ve come to realize is that the magic is in the little things. The seemingly insignificant nuances do add up, and there isn’t a formula to it; it’s not as simple as 1+1 = 2. Have you heard of the phenomenon of quantum leaps? Those huge leaps we encounter for either ourselves or another that make us wonder “How in the world did they manifest that out of the blue?”

You never know what exact quantity of measures or actions it takes to make your desires a reality. The truth of it is that the more one invests in themselves and towards their goals, the more the scale can catapult you into a quantum leap of significant measure, growth, and movement ahead.

Forward movement, growth, and expansion. Who wouldn’t desire these things?

Truth be told, I was really super excited to write a piece about movement. Movement is one of the five pillars of connecting with your inner tranquil being I wrote about in a previous article called “Surrender” — though this article is specifically talking about moving one’s body.

Nevertheless, when I arrived at my writing pad only a few sputters came out. It wasn’t anything like the flow that normally happens when I’m on that wave. I would start, I would write a couple of sentences, and the thread would end. I would start yet again, and the same thing would occur. “Really?” I would mutter to myself.

I saw the vision in my head. I found the images that inspired me. I had some bullet point ideas I knew I wanted to touch upon, but I was stuck and it wasn’t coming together like I had imagined it. Sigh. I found it ironic that I was stuck when I “should” be moving along. Or was I exactly where I needed to be? 

How many times in our lives have we wanted something to happen on our schedule and within our control, only to have the Universe show us otherwise? We tick off all the boxes of planning and yet we’re left waiting, stalled out, and needing much more momentum than we anticipated.

I’m here to say that we need to detach from what movement “should” look like. Sometimes our eyes or other senses aren’t capable of noticing all that is actually moving within or around us. If they were, we’d always marvel at the Universe and how it all works together perfectly.

This is exactly the season to feel this shift in mindset. We’ve been in a global pandemic since March 2020. How many times have you felt that you “should” be more productive, proactive, etc because the pace of life has changed? Or maybe you’ve believed that you should be further ahead than you are?

What if we let all of that pressure we put on ourselves go? How much lighter and more spacious would your life become the moment you decide to do that? That right there is when movement happens naturally, on its own accord just like the change of seasons. The day on the calendar doesn’t matter — it’s the temperature conditions that move us from season to season. We can approximate it or have a normal, high, and low temperature range and take it day-by-day (especially here in Michigan, where we can get snow one day and 80 degrees the next!).

Here’s a little story about the subtlety of progress I’ve noticed in my own life. This past year, my physical health progress has definitely changed trajectory, and I’ve made peace with that. I found myself in a deep dark winter that I wasn’t expecting. It feels like my progress has stagnated, but I know that’s not true.

Wherever our path has led us — through all the twists and turns we have meandered — we are still walking with one foot in front of the next. That’s progress. At one point in my life I would have thought differently.  But now, I want to enjoy the journey even when it’s uncomfortable.

Our “winters” are when we grow deep roots. It’s not meant to be visible from the outside; it’s an internal process. It’s preparing us for our spring. This supports us for the new growth about to happen. The deeper the roots, the taller the branches.


The deeper internal work we are doing now will have its benefits. That growth and expansion will come. Some winters are longer than others, so be patient. Some are more demanding, and that’s okay.

That’s what I’ve learned.  I’m much more accepting and loving of who I am in this moment. I want to be present with this gift. Knowing the internal acceptance and daily love I show myself will (and does) create progress. I will get there. Waking each day and continuing this journey makes me happy.

There is a spectrum of progress; just as with light, some of it is not visible to the naked eye. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there, shining all along.

When we are detached, that light creates ease and flow. I see it as a spring bubbling out of the ground. The trickle of water creates fluidity with more momentum toward greater bodies of water. The more we detach, the more energy is released.

It was only when I gave space to what was arising that I was able to pick up my pen again and have all this flow for this article. And now here I am, further than I was before. That’s progress.

Where in your life can you detach from your expectations to open your own well of opportunities? You never know when you’ll make giant leaps ahead, or where that flow will take you.


Sharon Marie Lawlor is an intuitive healer transpiring deep transformational healing sessions empowering women to live from their heart.   Immersed in the field since 2004.

She is driven by the beauty of nature that has led her desire to want to create a better world. Knowing she was a part of this shift from the young age of seven.  

She is a spiritual truth seeker constantly questing for expansion in her own personal growth. Sharon has made it her personal mission to reclaim her inner light by intentionally living a life that fills her soul.  

Sharon has an office in Ann Arbor, Michigan working with clients one-on-one.  She currently is working on healing arts process videos incorporating all of her wisdoms where she can reach a wider audience online.  Visit to find out more.