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by Ginny Yurich Our family despises the cold. Or, to be more specific, I despise the cold. On any given typical winter day (but actually beginning in fall), you’ll see my kids sledding or snowboarding on a small hill in our backyard while I watch from the window. What are you to do when you are a big proponent of outside time, yet you loathe the bitter temps that permeate Michigan for months on end? Well, you front load your nature time during the beautiful Michigan summers and then you find some workarounds that make time in the open air bearable, and even [...]


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by Bridget Baker November is a time of harvest, of abundance, and a time to gather with friends and family to talk about what we’re grateful for. It’s a time to enjoy the fruits of our labors and celebrate what we have. In the United States, the Thanksgiving holiday is a time to embrace what is, and be fully present in the moment. However, the very next morning — or even the same night —we suddenly become a culture of greed and spending as Black Friday sales advertising asks us to wait in line for “door-buster deals.” How did we stray [...]


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by Lisa Profera, MD  What is your microbiome and why should you be thankful for it? The good bacteria that reside in our gastrointestinal tract outnumber our own cells ten to one. They not only help us process and digest our food — they play a key role in our overall health. Hippocrates was correct in saying that “all disease begins in the gut.” It is vital to keep our microbiome functioning optimally; take care of it and be grateful for it. I have eluded to the importance of gut health in previous BRICK articles (December 2017, January 2018). Think of [...]


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by Maria Sylvester A thankful heart hath a continual feast. ~W.J. Cameron Feel it. Offer it. Watch your life transform! Give yourself the pleasure of a moment of appreciating something, and watch how, just like a magnet, riches on many levels come back to you! Appreciation is defined as “the recognition and enjoyment of good qualities of someone or something.” Opening ourselves to savoring the good qualities of people, circumstances, or things around us is so simple to do. The option is always there. You can experience appreciation and gratitude in any instant you choose. Begin now, today, in this month [...]


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by Jillian Fraioli Every time I mention it, it surprises me that people have not heard of the (in my heart at least) more popular holiday I like to call “Second Thanksgiving.” In our house, this holiday falls on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. Family obligations are complete, people have come and gone, football is still underway (although we’re more a Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter marathon household), and people are still in a celebratory mood, what with two more days to be gluttons. We still want to celebrate with our chosen family, our orphaned friends, and neighbors. So, [...]

Thanksgiving Glam: Your Wardrobe Essentials for the Holiday Weekend

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By: Angela Harrison The best part about November? FOUR-DAY WEEKEND! And, of course, family. With this glorious break from the daily grind, a lot of us take the opportunity to travel to said family and friends for a little R & R. The dress code for Thanksgiving weekend usually calls for casual comfort, but we can still be comfortable while looking completely chic and styled. And honestly, who decided Thanksgiving was going to be the one holiday we dress down for? What a missed opportunity! Whether you’re packing up and heading out or staying local for the weekend, this Thanksgiving capsule [...]


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by Stephanie Saline Sometimes, cars are too fast and even bicycles feel like rushing. Don’t get me wrong: the wheel is a remarkable invention. I’m glad I have it to thank for all sorts of transits and adventures. But there are times when walking is the only way to go. There’s something deeply satisfying about using your own two feet to traverse the planet. It’s travel at a human pace, for starters. Your eyes can take in the surroundings at a digestible speed. Philosophically, your body is no longer cargo — it once again becomes the vehicle. I once had a [...]


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by Randi Rubenstein Adapted from We want our kids to appreciate all we do for them. We want them to grow up feeling grateful for all the opportunities they have been given. Like getting a great education and living in a nice house. We not only meet their basic needs, we exceed their expectations on the daily. You are a parent that over-delivers in pretty much every way when it comes to your kiddos. You prioritize your role as mom or dad above all else in your life. Your end game involves raising good people. You want your kids to [...]


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by Monica Brancheau – Director of Ele’s Place Ann Arbor One in twelve. One in twelve Michigan children will experience the death of a parent or sibling by the age of eighteen.1 Many of these grieving children feel alone and keep their feelings inside, not wanting to burden their parents or other family members. Often, friends don’t understand if they haven’t had a similar experience. Unresolved grief negatively affects our children and teens, and contributes to alarming rates of depression, addiction, and violence. Ele's Place is a nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to creating awareness of and support for grieving children, teens, [...]

Treats Post-Tricks

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By: Jillian Fraioli Out of all the holiday memories, Halloween memories always jump out at me first. My mother loved to go all out. We had a screened-in front porch where she’d tie up sheets splattered with glow-in-the-dark paint, and hang cobwebs and creepy crawlies. She’d take a huge cauldron and get dried ice for the night. She’d dress up as a witch, with scars, teased hair, and full makeup. My father would put up black lights, furthering the effect. Right before the kids would swarm the neighborhood, my mom would start up the cassette player, all set with spooky tunes [...]

HERsay: A Tale of Women With Something to Say

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By Patti Smith There were three reasons why I created HERsay: I wanted more judgment-free performance opportunities for people; I loathe hearing people say women aren’t funny; and women’s voices need to be heard. I’ve done public speaking my entire adult life, and it is never not scary. But stories need to be told and there are never enough places for public telling. Our local storytellers’ guild does an outstanding job of providing safe spaces for storytelling, and opportunities arise now and again, but I wanted something for all types of artists — visual artists, musicians, poets, actors, improvisers. There must be [...]

Leading the Way: Ushering In a New Way of Being

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By: Sharon Lawlor While traveling over the summer with my ten-year-old daughter and husband, I was taken back to the days when I was a young girl traveling with my family — no maps pulled up at the press of a finger, no Siri telling you where to go. In today’s world, one can turn on their maps app, enter where they want to go, and basically slip into autopilot, knowing that the phone will direct you step-by-step along the way. There is such a tunnel vision that happens here. Not even for a moment do we pause to wonder what [...]

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