Discovering Your Decor Desires

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Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash By Tiffany Edison, Principal Designer Have you ever wished that you could meander through someone’s home while they were not there? (Not as a burglar of course!) For me, this stroll around their rooms would allow me to catch a glimpse of who they truly are, and how they truly live on a daily basis. I have often kidded with my designer colleagues that I could gather so much more pertinent and true information about my client’s personality and preferences if they were not too tidy, clean, and prepared for my visit. If such a wish were granted, [...]


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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash by Tanya Rohn-MacKenzie I’ve paused what I’m watching to sort my burgeoning thoughts out on paper. I’m hardly ever blown away by things I watch or read. Today is one of those rare days. I’m watching a talk by Stephen Jenkinson, a Canadian man with something big to say about death and dying in our culture. I hope I can capture here some of what he has to say. My thoughts are now completely intertwined with his. I am grateful for this new awareness. ‘Advanced directives’ is a term that describes the preparation that goes into an expected [...]


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Photo by Stephanie Renee Cluff on Unsplash By Bridget Baker When I was young, I wanted to be a ballerina…and a biologist, a window dresser, a fashion stylist, a newspaper columnist, a movie star, and a world traveler. Anything and everything seemed possible. I had no fears or concerns about how any of these dreams would come true. I was in the place of pure, unadulterated desire for more. I had passion, and I wanted to have it all. As I got older, it became clear that if I chose one dream, I may not be able to choose another. The focus and commitment [...]

Faith to Face Hard Times with Sadeepa Munasinghe

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Photos by Heather Nash By Kristen Domingue The Brick cover-story articles are most often written by the interviewee as responses to our questions. The interviewee sends her answers to me for review. I then edit the article to create a clear story arc and narrative resonance before passing it to our editor for final review. Never have I worked on an article that moved me to tears. Sadeepa is living with Wilson’s disease, which impacts her verbal and written communication skills. However, you can see for yourself that despite the challenges she faces, she’s of “sound mind,” even more so given [...]

Woman on the Street: Wafting

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Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash By Stephanie Saline I’m known for a lot of things. Smelling good isn’t one of them. But today, I walked into my favorite café and a well-dressed stranger — a woman, it bears saying — told me as I walked past, “You smell good.” It’s a small place. So upon hearing it, three other women sitting at separate tables took a deep inhale. I sat down at a table, and the woman at the table next to me said, “It’s an odd thing, for a stranger to say you smell good. But you really do. As you sat [...]

Wardrobe Pro-Tips: Foundations and Finishing Touches

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By Angela Harrison Why do celebrities (almost) always look phenomenal in their clothes? They’re human, they’re not a different species from us — and yet, their bodies seem to wear everything perfectly. Realistically, that level of “perfection” takes about four to five behind-the-scenes people to execute what we see on talk shows, red carpets, and social media. While this kind of maintenance is unrealistic for everyday life, the techniques used to achieve these flawless looks are easily accessible and often overlooked. All you really need is the right style of bra for what you’re wearing, and well-fitting shapewear.   Bras: Sizing, [...]

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