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By Mikki Moscara

The rhythmic sounds of djembe heard through the floors, and I am delighted.

Unusual feelings of discovery have me curiously excited!

So elated with the benefits of growing the reach of all my senses.

Knowledge I would otherwise be blind to, outside of these cultural glimpses.

I would not have known such experiences if it weren’t for you, my foreign friend.  

Because of you, the beauty of cultural sounds have enriched my life to no end.

Joys only reached by travel and trade.

By the arts, our hands and voices have made.

The rich scent of Eastern spices seep in through the window slit. 

I yearn to broaden my culinary horizons to the foods of India and create it. 

If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know the luxuries of this exotic recipe. 

The riches of indulging all because of diversity.  

If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to expand my ways. 

Or experience the beauty of impressionism on rainy days. 

Basking in the ability to admire colors, styles, and textures beyond one’s own tradition.

Breaking up the monotony of painstaking repetition. 

You bring flavor into the otherwise bland soup of routine. 

The unique cultures that help emphasize all that you mean. 

A closed mind shall never know the magnificence of the world outside. 

Rather than fear, diversity should develop a point of pride. 

How glorious it is to see, feel, hear, and taste the world every day. 

As I rejoice in diversity, I am grown and refined in every way.

Mikki Moscara


Mikki Moscara is a writer with a degree in journalism from EMU. She has been a contributing writer and editor for Eastern Echo, Gothic Beauty Magazine, and Monroe News. She is currently the marketing manager at BELFOR Franchise Group.

She lives with her family in the King neighborhood of Ann Arbor. In addition to being involved in local women’s initiatives, Mikki and her family also frequently attend Ann Arbor charitable events.

Instagram: @mikki.moscara

Twitter: moscara_mikki