by Lisa Profera MD

The New Year is upon us, and you may be considering making a move toward better health. Many people are starting new diets or detoxing, joining gyms, or vowing to give up bad habits. As you know, by April over 50% of us fail to keep those resolutions. It might be time for something more definitive — time for a reset!

Want a quick way to reboot your immune system and your digestive health? Consider colon hydrotherapy. Unlike the unpleasant “prep” for a colonoscopy, colon hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle way to clean out your large intestine, a.k.a. your colon.

Perhaps you indulged in things over the holidays that you normally don’t eat. Perhaps you over-ate and experienced some indigestion, bloating, gas, or constipation. Your gut may be more inflamed and irritated. Mucus and fibrous matter can build up; pockets of gas and debris can get lodged in the many folds inside the five feet of large intestine. This can take a long time to clear; in some cases, it never fully resolves. Inability to produce or absorb vitamins and nutrients can impact overall health and function of crucial body systems (neurologic, endocrine, immune, etc.). Chronic gut inflammation can have serious adverse effects. In some people, it can lead to autoimmune diseases, degenerative neurologic diseases, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

I recently visited InnerSpace Holistic, a healing center that specializes in colon hydrotherapy. Owner Brandy Boehmer describes the procedure as “the mother of all detoxes.” She is certified by the International Association of Colon Therapists and uses FDA-approved equipment with disposable tubing. Both the closed and open systems available use filtered water, which passes through UV light to kill off any bacteria. The system is not forceful; water pressure is regulated by gravity and the individual’s needs. No harsh laxative or spasm-inducing substances are used. In your own private room, your colon is simply flushed out with about six gallons of temperature-regulated water in about 40 minutes. Consultation with Brandy can help guide you to your best course of action. Sometimes a series of cleanses is very beneficial.

As I have stated in many BRICK articles over the past year, gut health is of the utmost importance (see November 2018 issue). The beneficial gut bacteria known as the microbiome mostly reside in the small and large intestines; the number and types of species increase the further down the alimentary canal you go. The beneficial or commensal bacteria in our large intestine produce vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are crucial for overall health. Unwanted bacteria go out in the trash along with the rest of our waste products through the colon. There are conditions where bad bacteria can build up in the large intestine and even travel retrograde up into the small intestine, causing health problems. There is lymphoid tissue throughout our GI tract, which comprises 70% of our immune system.

The main physical functions of the large intestine are to reabsorb water and dispose of debris; the unwanted, unusable, or undesirable components of what we consume. What happens when you don’t empty the trash on your computer or smartphone? You get an alert that your storage is almost full. If you take no action, your device will soon malfunction. Something similar happens in our body, except the signs can be more subtle: bloating, low energy, brain fog, musculoskeletal pain, low immunity, malnutrition, skin eruptions, and more.

As evidenced by the myriad of TV commercials for over-the-counter and pharmaceutical meds, gut dysfunction is rampant in the USA. Unfortunately, most of these medications just mask the root cause of the problem. The answer to most gut dysfunction lies within. The word intestine is derived from the Latin root intus meaning “within.” Being healthy from within is imperative. Having a well-functioning large intestine is just as important as supporting the digestive and immune functions of our small intestine. By cleansing and resetting the system, one has the opportunity to improve overall health. High-quality pre- and probiotics can also help support recovery. This is especially important after a viral insult (“stomach flu”) or a course of antibiotics.

If you are considering colon hydrotherapy, check out the new website at InnerSpace Holistic to find out more information on this and the other services provided there ( Visit the Himalayan Salt Room, Infrared Spa, or experience a detoxifying foot bath.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe way to reset your system and get on the path to better health in 2019. No drastic diet or harsh detox regimens required. Anyone with a colon can benefit!


Lisa Profera MD | Owner and Founder of PROJUVU MD Aesthetics and Lifestyle Medicine

Originally from New York, Dr. Profera received both a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and an MD from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. After completing residency at the University of Michigan, she worked as a primary care pediatrician in Ann Arbor for twenty-three years.She is passionate about integrating the best practices of Aesthetics and Rejuvenative Medicine to help patients look better and feel better. She believes in “projuvenation”; being proactive about rejuvenation and defying the aging process both inside and out. Dr. Profera and her husband live in downtown Ann Arbor and they have two daughters in college. Projuvu on facebook 

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