Easy Tricks To Stay Fashionable Through The Freeze

by Angela Harrison

The festivities of 2017 have long dissipated, and with them went our will to conjure fun and interesting outfits. It’s hard to turn runway into every day at this point in the winter season, especially when you feel more like a delirious Kathy Bates in Misery than a radiant Elsa from Frozen. And while it’s enticing to try and remedy the cold by showing up to work in a belted comforter, there are still super easy ways to look good, feel good, and stay warm.

The easiest way to boost your winter look, day or night, is pumping up the volume on cold-weather accessories. Scarves, gloves, hats, and boots are all must-haves for battling harsh winters, but they don’t have to be frumpy and bulky. Winter should be colorful, cheeky, sleek, and fresh; your style doesn’t have to go into hibernation! Even if your coat seems boring (don’t feel bad, most coats are boring) you can incorporate trends and colors into your accessories.

Colorful faux fur is everywhere this winter and also an easy way to add something different to your everyday outerwear. Try safety-pinning a colorful fur collar to your coat; create a fun moment out of something that pairs so classically with winter-wear. Are you going out for dinner and drinks in two-degree weather? Ditch your arctic tundra coat for a heavy wool wrap or pea coat and add a fabulous, rich, burgundy faux fur scarf for texture and warmth!If the faux fur look isn’t for you, try switching out your plaid or neutral scarf for a solid style in any of the amazing colors from this season’s palette, like plummy ‘Tawny Port’, soft pink ‘Ballet Slipper’, warm chartreuse ‘Golden Lime’, or sky blue ‘Marina.’ Most of our coats are in the dark-neutral family, so any saturated pop of color will feel bright and fresh against a dark backdrop.

Carry your scarf color into gloves or a handbag tassel for a stronger color moment and effortless coordination.Now, for me, hats are always a challenging category. In the rare event of my hair being down and styled (thanks to hair-god, Ryan Brooks), I’ll don a fun beret covered in pearls or something casual like that. But, sadly, I’m usually sporting a high pony or topknot (sorry, Ryan) making beanies and berets impossible.

If you’re like me and mostly wear your hair up, earmuffs can be an adorable fix for frosty ears. Much like the faux fur scarves, earmuffs have exploded in the past few years, so many styles and colors, all different sizes, and, most importantly, ponytail-friendly. Another great advantage earmuffs have is that they fold up and store nicely in a generous coat pocket or handbag, making it easy to run errands or commute to the office. For the beanie-lovers out there, the options are endless. Beanies are such a great canvas for embroidered designs and patches, embellishments, poms, bows, color — there are so many ways to express your style through a single accessory! And the fact that all of these hat options keep you warm is a fashion miracle.Another way to showcase trend colors and keep looking cool is through gloves. Our hands suffer so much during the winter season, and most of us rarely protect our hands. Aside from it just being plain cold, our nails and skin become damaged from the cold-weather exposure, which leads to an endless season of lotion application. I’ve found that if I like my gloves, I’m more inclined to wear them (funny how that works).

Gloves come in all types of materials, colors, and styles; find something that stores nicely in your coat pockets and then leave them there. You’ll always have hand protection within reach while letting the dog out or dusting off your car. If you’re going out for the night, try a classic leather glove or something with a faux fur trim; incorporate your accessories to complement one another for a strong look.It’s so easy to lose styling steam during these winter months, but little things here and there, tied together, can make going about your day in a blizzard a little less terrible. Dinners out with family and friends can still feel like a special occasion with luxe accessories amping up your winter armor. We only have a few short months left, hang in there, stay warm and wear something that makes you smile!

Angie Harrison received a BS degree in fashion merchandising from Western Michigan University, and after merchandising for a large retailer, went on to start Angela Harrison Style; a personal, print, and film wardrobe styling service. Her experience has led her to build a loyal client list of people from all backgrounds and professions. Angie has also worked in wardrobe on local and national tv commercials and has started a visual merchandising branch of AHStyle, providing styling and merchandising expertise to Michigan retailers.