Photo by Dario Shhevtsova on Unsplash By Liz Crowe Hello and welcome to June! This month, I’d like to share a little junket I took — fully masked and socially distanced — to Charlottesville, Virginia.  Why Virginia, you ask? Well, his name is Cameron and he’s my first-born. He’s finishing up a pharmacy residency at the UVA hospital, and about to launch himself out into the world of adult-sized things, like student loan repayments and such, but also more fun things like job interviews. This is his second year in Charlottesville and he has spoken highly of it — in terms he knows [...]

VIRGINIA IS FOR DRINKERS2021-05-31T10:23:27-04:00



Photo by Miranda Thiago on Unsplash By Liz Crowe Ever think about how we have so many words for booze? Giggle juice. Social lubricant. Liquid courage. And it seems that we have even more ways to describe someone being drunk — hammered, blasted, gazeboed, etc. Some vintage terms for being drunk sound funny or bizarre to us today; back in the day, one might have heard that a drunk person “has more sail than ballast” or was “all mops and brooms.” Okay, sorry. I got lost down a rabbit hole of words and phrases. There is a point to this; bear [...]

THE ONE ABOUT HAPPINESS2021-05-01T01:29:51-04:00



Photo on Pexels By Liz Crowe It’s that time again. “What time?” You loyal Liz-is-your-favorite-booze-expert readers ask. It’s time to talk about a trend. No, I’m not testing seltzers. I know I promised you that, and I might still get to it later this year. But we’re going to talk about an even trendier trend. Think you can stand it? I think you can. This is a tale of seven cans and four tasters — all of whom are, let’s say for the sake of politeness, possessing of a mature palate. That is to say, on the older side of the [...]

IT’S IN THE CAN2021-04-01T10:37:26-04:00



Photo by OlyaKobruseva on Unsplash By Liz Crowe Ah, February… there you are with your hearts, flowers, chocolates, expensive dinner dates, and fancy, overthought cocktails. I see you. And I’m about to teach the loyal Booze 101 readers what kind of extras to have on hand in order to make you — the cocktails, that is. Not the hearts, flowers, chocolates, or dinner dates. I’m not here with recipes, but I can recommend a few sites for that later. First, let’s talk about those fancy bottles sitting at the bar that only get used every now and then, and why you should consider [...]

THE JOY OF LIQUEUR2021-02-01T09:31:34-05:00



Photo on Unsplash By Liz Crowe Oh, hello there. Sorry, I wasn’t ignoring you. I’ve been busy burning all my calendars that have the year “2020” on them, hang on a sec... Okay, here I am! And do I have some fun info for you on this, the first day of the first month of a brand new year! We all know about the tradition of serving and imbibing the bubbly for celebrations, like the one that helped us turn the page away from 2020 and launch ourselves headlong into 2021. But what do you know about that bubbly, hmmm? Never fear. [...]

BRING ON THE BUBBLY2021-01-01T09:36:49-05:00



Photo on Unsplash By Liz Crowe If you’re reading this...congratulations! You deserve a pat on the back — or, dare I say, a drink. It’s been a long nine months. If you’re like me, you’ve gone through several stages of grief and/or semi-acceptance since March 16, 2020. Mine look like this: 1) Terror, 2) More terror, 3) Uncertainty, 4) Boredom, 5) Frustration, and 6) Ongoing ennui. Each of these stages correlated to a level of alcohol consumption that left my wine cellar completely empty and my tolerance level even higher than before — which is saying something that I probably shouldn’t admit. [...]

A VERY VEGGIE HOLIDAY2020-12-01T09:37:55-05:00
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