by Alycia M. Huston | Leadership Accelerator 

There was a time where you couldn’t even pay me to come inside of the house. I was born in the ‘70s and playing outside was absolutely the norm. From playing tag, to hide-and-seek, to climbing up trees and throwing little tree fruits at the cars passing by (of course, our parents did not know that part). I learned how to light campfires, tell ghost stories, appreciate bugs, and so much more. I even remember co-founding a clubhouse where we received weekly dues; those dues allowed us to ride our bikes to the local candy shop or get ice cream during the hot summers. I didn’t realize how all of this was contributing to shaping every beautiful piece of who I was growing into. I was actually learning what it meant to cultivate relationships and genuinely engage.  

As I look at our children in today’s society, it saddens me a bit to see the pull towards video games and TV. So many of our children are missing out on the creativity that is derived from playing outside and creating new connections. There were times when others were visiting our community and we never hesitated to invite them into our fold to participate in that day’s shenanigans. 

Playing outside is non-negotiable in our home. We intentionally create an environment conducive to outside activity. We encourage our children to invite their friends over for backyard swimming parties, basketball, volleyball, or badminton. We feel strongly about the communication and connection created when we’re out of the house. I know for a fact my time spent outdoors shaped so much of who I am today. I love a good ol’ backyard barbecue with friends, we have so much fun. We laugh, dance, and just truly enjoy ourselves. In this age of technology, we have lost so much of the human connection.  

We have gotten so used to being busy that we’ve become a society of disconnected people. The outdoors provide us with a beautiful space for connection. Whether alone and quiet, reconnecting to everything within you, or spending time with friends, the gift of the outdoors is to be enjoyed. Especially now that spring has sprung — there are gorgeous blooms to enjoy, trees that are boasting beautiful leaves, and so much more.  

If you’re looking for ways to create an inviting environment in your yard, patio, or simple outdoor space, there are many options. Sometimes we believe that it has to be elaborate, when that’s not the case at all.  You can find yourself a couple of chairs, small table, and many other knick-knacks for your space at local thrift stores. I’ve made some amazing finds myself when going into various stores. Many times, people have taken great care of their items and simply donate due to a remodel or desiring a change to their current space. So, often beautiful pieces get donated to local thrift stores.  

I can guarantee you, spending time outside and enjoying all of the beautiful benefits of nature will contribute to your life in ways you never thought possible. It gives your brain the opportunity to rest and allow for new thoughts to present themselves with ease. 

You won’t be disappointed when you integrate the outdoors into your life. 

Alycia Huston is a consultant for high-powered and accomplished entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Helping to build a business, make key decisions for your company, lead from “within and of ” your people, and helping you to take pride in your accomplishments. LeaDHERship Adventures, LLC. 619.490.8058