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By Bridget Baker



By Bridget Baker

Do you have a dream — big or small — but you don’t know where to start? Are you inspired to create something that makes a lasting impact in the world, but you can’t imagine how you’d get there from where you stand now?

When you plan a trip, you think of where you want to go first. You don’t concern yourself with how you’ll get there, you just pick a place, and then work backward to iron out the details. Plane or train? Hotel or yurt? Step by step, your plan begins to take shape.

What if you could apply the same logic you apply to travel to your goals and aspirations? It might seem more simple. You wouldn’t get mired in thoughts like “But what if I fail?” or “I’m not qualified to do THAT, they’ll find me out for sure.” Your focus becomes the excitement, the trip, and all of the fun things you’ll get to do.

Now, take a moment to see where you are. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes if it helps. Think about what your life looks like now — where you are living, what you are doing, who you are doing it with. Like it or not, you are in this very place because of one important person in your life — you.

Congratulations! You got yourself here. The good news is, if you don’t like it, you can also get yourself somewhere new. Think about the ideas, the research, the conversations, and the actions it took to bring you to where you are at this moment.

By making a turnaround, you can see where you’ve been and how much you’ve grown or accomplished since you started. Pull out photo albums or scroll through your social media posts to see where you were a year ago, or especially five years ago. Back then, did you think you’d be where you are now, accomplishing all that you have? Did you experience trauma or a loss that made you grow and mature?

The first step in any journey is to choose where to go. Don’t focus on the “hows” just yet, stay focused on the where. Dream as big as possible. Don’t let money, time, or any other responsibilities or demands get in the way. Just stay in the dream for a bit here.

Feeling like it’s hard to imagine something outside of where you are now? There may be too much of your past cluttering up your dreaming process. Go through a decluttering — a purging — first of anything that you don’t need, want, use, or love. What are you holding onto that may be holding you back? When you take the time to turn around, do you find yourself getting stuck looking back at the past? Be aware of where you’re getting stuck. There may be some unfinished business you need to resolve there.

What if you’re in a transition — empty-nesting, moving, retiring, divorcing — and you have no idea where you want to go next? Your past may have gotten you here, and it was fantastic, but now it’s time for something new, and you’re feeling challenged to dream bigger. Again, take a breath, and make a turnaround. What dream did you give up somewhere along the way to creating your life? It may be time to renew that idea and stir up an old idea or passion. What part of yourself got left behind at some point that is ready to come to the surface?

Another way to use the turnaround is as a gratitude practice. Think of something you experienced in the past that was difficult, and then think of how you were able to come through it. Who was there to support you? What did you learn? Say a big “thank you” to what you’ve accomplished. Let it really sink in. Allow this practice to build your confidence in who you are, what you have created, and what you can handle. You are stronger than you think.

When you are working on a goal, it can be easy to get mired in the doing of it and feel tired, frustrated, or like you’re not getting anywhere, or at least not fast enough. Take a breath, look back, turn around, and see how far you’ve truly come.


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