By Bridget Baker  

With the changing season comes the desire for more — as in, more things to make us feel like we are “ready for fall.” We want to impress people with our personal essays about “what we did for summer vacation” in order to keep up with the neighbors. Even though it’s still warm out in most places in September (hello, Indian Summer!), we suddenly feel compelled to go out and buy turtleneck sweaters and autumn-hued makeup palettes.  

What if we used this time to reinvent ourselves with a new season? What if the reinvention wasn’t about adding more activities, more clothes, or more decorative fall throw pillows to our lives? What if, instead, it were about letting go? 

As the leaves begin to fall from the trees as the night air cools, we, too, can shed what no longer works for us. Did your summer travels take you somewhere that had you reassessing your career, your relationships, your priorities? Is there some way your life would benefit from releasing your clutter, your outdated beliefs, or your expectations? Do you want to make more time in your life for what matters? Now is the time to let go of what’s in the way.  

This is not just a physical purging, but a shift in thinking. It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation when it comes to decluttering. As you begin to let go of your physical belongings, you can let go of your mental chatter, and vice-versa. 

Bridget Baker
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