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By Morella Devost

Ah, the wanderlust that beckons

Come. See. Taste. Touch. 

Savor these things that are wonderful

So different from home…

And we accept the invitation

In the search for a new adventure

Or perhaps a new skill

A touching of the thing that had been unknown

Until now…


The tales of an ecosystem

And the humans who carry her earth in their blood

The revelations of history and place 

That contrast with our own

Showing us who we are more closely…

How we react

To wafts of strange scents

Foreign streets and inscrutable words

Lost bags and missed flights

And whether we delight in being open

And are willing to be moved

To discover who we become 

Through our journeys… 


Sometimes we go to escape

Fleeing a dissatisfaction that is not at home

But at home within us…

And sometimes we go

In search for ourselves

To see a new facet in a new light

And reveal what has kept us bound

And realize while abroad

That home and adventure lay both within

That peace and contentment 

Spring from the heart…


Sometimes we find a new home in our travels

And sometimes we travel and find

There’s no place like home.



When I sat down to write for this issue of The Brick, there were so many things I wanted to say that they came out as a poem. 

Having done a fair amount of international travel since I was six months old, I’ve always noticed how every trip changes me. As a child, my mother suggested that I journal so I would remember the trip. Over the years, my travel-journal habit became a deep exploration of the uncharted parts of me. Whenever I travel, I pull out my journal and explore my anticipation, my excitement, and my concerns as soon as I board my flight. I examine where I am in my life and always set intentions for my journey. And for some reason, whenever I’m on a plane, I instantly reach a depth of insight that is not always accessible on land.

In a very real sense, traveling inevitably puts us in a position of being open and vulnerable. Because we are surrounded by new things, we shift into a state of learning and receiving. We enter a bit of a semi-hypnotic state. We are more open to being changed than when we are immersed in our routines, our things, and our subconscious programs. This is why traveling creates the opportunity for significant internal shifts, especially if we sow the seeds for them and then harvest their fruit. 

Over the years, I’ve become a big believer in the power of retreats and solo journeys. When we go on a trip with the deliberate intention to create a shift in our lives, it is unavoidable that one will take place. And the great thing is that you don’t need to go to the other side of the world for this to happen. 

One of my most monumental trips was when I drove two hours to a Buddhist retreat center in Vermont, and spent four days on a solo retreat — meditating, journaling, and writing poetry. It cost me next to nothing because they only charged me for lodging and food. I came home with profound insights, and healed from a broken heart.

These days, I am living the life of a nomad. I live in an RV with my partner and stepdaughter. Home today is Key West, steps away from the beach, with snorkeling and kayaking as our afternoon exercise. The personal transformation and the insights we’ve had on this journey have not been insignificant. And aside from the great many positives of a life of adventure, we’ve also grown a deeper love and appreciation for home, back in Vermont.

We’ve realized what pieces we’ve been searching for outside of ourselves, but have always been there to find within us. Let’s face it — happiness and unhappiness, contentment and dissatisfaction, will follow you wherever you go.

So, my friend, I definitely believe that for personal and planetary thriving, getting outside our little circle of the familiar — whether it’s five or five thousand miles away — is where we’ll find the most accessible growth and transformation. 

May you wander and lose yourself to then find your greater self, over and over again. As the planet turns, so do we.


Morella Devost helps people turn their pain and challenges into their greatest source of strength. After receiving two masters degrees in counseling from Columbia University, she became a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP facilitator, and Reiki Master. Morella is a Venezuelan-Vermonter who works with people all over the world from her RV-office as she travels the US with her family. She is the host of the Thrive With Morella TV-radio-podcast show.




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