by Ryan Brooks

We finally hit winter weather, and it is brutally cold. What happens to our hair? Dryness, frizz, static, a lackluster look — the list could go on and on. Certain treatments can easily fight these winter hair woes. Finding the right one for your hair can be a challenge. There are so many on the market, from treatment shampoos, hair oils, in-salon treatments, to hair masques.

It’s difficult to determine which will meet your budget and needs.Let’s start with shampoos and conditioners, the first step to great hair. I’ll begin by saying that most clients are cut-and-color clients, and this is the first question: “Which shampoo is best for color-treated hair?” These days, the majority of salon professional brands are safe for color-treated hair; some have more benefits than others. One of my favorites is Oribe Beautiful Color Shampoo and Conditioner; this pairing is great for every day. The shampoo is gentle, helps strengthen processed hair, and is great for color retention. The conditioner offers moisture and repair and targets areas with damage as well as UV protection. Asking your stylist which would be best for you is the best start; they know your hair and what you truly need.

Now moving into home treatments. As a stylist, I believe most clients do not utilize these enough. Treatment masques are an easy way to add extra moisture and shine, as well as reparative benefits caused by color processing, hot tools, and everyday environmental stress. One of the main reasons for me to touch on this subject this month is the drastic temperature drop we’ve experienced. Low temperatures mean increased furnace temperatures, which also means dry air. I know my clients are feeling it in their skin and hair, and with that said, what do we do when we have dry skin? We usually moisturize daily, am I wrong in saying this? Why wouldn’t we want to treat our hair the same, and give it an extra boost?

A great once-a-week treatment masque is Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense. The masque comes in two types, one for fine hair and one for thick; this makes it easy to choose the right one for your hair type. The benefits of this particular treatment are that it helps deliver intense nutrition internally as well as on the surface of the hair. A quick side note: when applying a masque, be sure to apply after shampooing; take a dry towel and remove as much moisture from the hair as you can. Apply to mid-lengths and ends first; if you have a wide-tooth comb, distribute it through your hair evenly. Either clip your hair up or wrap it in a towel. Let it process for 15 minutes or longer. Rinse and style as usual. One of the easiest and quickest ways are in-salon treatments. Most salons do offer to add treatments. There are numerous ones on the market — ask your stylist what they offer. Kerastase offers a system called Fusio Dose; this is applied at the shampoo bowl and can be done within five minutes.

They offer immediate results, and come in a two-part system. They can help with volume, smoothness, shine, moisture, color retention, and even damage. These types of add-on services are a great way to get more of a concentrated, customizable version of the at-home treatment masques. Hopefully, these few tips and suggestions will help you with your winter hair needs!

Ryan Brooks has been a stylist for over 13 years in the Ann Arbor area, he currently is working behind the chair at Tricho Salon and Spa located at Briarwood. Over is thirteen years as a stylist he has worked as and educator for Goldwell and most recently Kerastase, he has also had the opportunity to work with multiple productions in stage, movie, as well as print. You can also follow him on Instagram: @ ryanbrookshair Have a hair question you need answered? Contact him at stylistryan@ he will be answering questions in future publications.