By Maria Sylvester, MSW, CPC

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”


Midlife has me living as though there will never be enough time! I have a new wildness to my spirit, and a fire in my belly. I’m in eager anticipation for all the chapters I’ve yet to live. My midlife mojo is definitely fierce and feisty. I’m embracing each and every dance step already mastered, letting these guide me gracefully forward. 

If you are here reading this, I’m guessing you get it. You know this period in life can be experienced from a state of flow — of courageously staying tapped in to what you

have come to know and understand. There’s no need to push. Simply being you feels inspirational. You continue to grow. You appreciate that personal evolution occurs one aligned step at a time. And you are deeply grateful of the gift of your power to choose each and every one. Perhaps you’re intent on manifesting magnificence, and your very own unique midlife mojo pulls you gently in this direction. 

If you are here reading this, I bet you’re a multi-dimensional woman dedicated to setting standards of excellence in, and for, your life. You know your inherent capacity to be magnetic. You long for, and are committed to, crafting full-blown poetic resonance between your desires and the active steps you’ll take to bring them to fruition. 

Is This You?

Have fun with me here, reader! Let your imagination have full reign. A visionary midlife woman is ready to take her life to new, unprecedented heights! She is deeply committed to releasing all that no longer serves her in order to bring even more of her essence, talents, and genius forward. This woman’s personal renaissance and life-force are fueled by dynamically embracing her radiant, sensual, sexy, divine feminine energy and spirit. Could this be you?

Your Aspirations

Take it one step further now. A midlife magnificent woman lives fully-expressed and expansive in her life. She practices steadfast heart sovereignty. Her wingspan is vast, and she soars with grace, ease, and power. She has reclaimed and integrated lost, buried, or previously abandoned parts of herself, spinning these threads into a divinely golden masterpiece. Pleasure is her north star. She magnetically draws others toward her through her radiant state, her multifaceted, diamond-delicious lifestyle, and her compassionate and creative leadership. She feels complete and at peace, content while ever-curious, and open to what’s to come!

A Question That Captures Her Heart

The question that captures the heart of a renaissance-ready woman could very well be something like this: What if I could experience a rebirth where I felt even more vibrantly alive and awake to each exquisite moment? For me, my rebirth meant embracing my full potentiality; infinite possibilities were mine. I asked myself, what if I existed in a state of continuous flow, never having to push myself to feel motivated, rather pulled along by sparkling currents of inspiration? What if all that has been previously tangled up inside me was released, such that I experienced a sense of limitless expansion and joy? What if…?

Obstacles to Overcome Along the Way

You come to embody a powerful midlife mojo by first navigating various life challenges. Perhaps your nest has emptied, and you feel the heartache of loss. Yet, at the same time, you are know you are ready to re-feather your nest with new opportunities or flares of creativity and personal expression.

Maybe your career or work experiences have been so heavily weighted by masculine energies of thinking, strategizing, planning, and structuring that you feel weary, lost, and disconnected from yourself. You feel off-balanced. Your feminine energies — your deep-feeling capacities, sacred connection and communion, intuition, sensuality, and active surrender — may have gotten buried amidst the crazy quality of your days. You yearn for rest, a slower pace, and time for contemplation — a gentle re-weaving of all the precious parts of your essence.

In addition, perhaps you also sense inner obstacles holding you back, twisted up inside you. Maybe you’re stuck in an old subconscious story, or negative, false beliefs? Or you feel weighted down by people, situations, or things that no longer make your heart sing? You long to be re-enthused and re-inspired from the inside out. A midlife renaissance allows you to do just that. 

Your Philosophical Stance

Your midlife mojo may include a drive to lean into a sacred calling — to let your life be an exquisite, grace-infused prayer. You may have a longing to give back, sharing your gifts with those in need. You realize there is ample opportunity to reinvent yourself — to fully embody and illuminate your emotional, spiritual, and intellectual world with new vitality and vigor. You have come to deeply appreciate, with the wisdom of years lived, that it really is possible to exist in fun, adventurous, and (on some days) in a blissful state — one of limitless rapture and joy. 

Calling Yourself to Action

The whispers of time, that ever-present awareness that you don’t have forever, summon your courage — the courage to drop all pretenses and over-protective coping mechanisms. You no longer feel compelled to scrutinize your every move. There’s no need to obsess over flaws or what you’ve deemed personal short-comings. You feel far less worried or concerned about what others may think. You can listen to others’ opinions, yet feel no compulsion to abide if they don’t resonate with your beliefs. Sometimes, frankly, you just don’t give a damn. You know that mutual, absolute understandings are rare. Yet even without that, you recognize that we can all get along pretty well together.

Embracing your midlife mojo fills you with clarity and confidence. It’s exhilarating to daringly let your authentic self romp freely. It’s a sweet kind of “letting go” energy. You now know, in the depths of your being, that you are worthy of rich love, connection, and belonging. You count your blessings, appreciating them all. Your heart feels, hopefully most of the time, happy and content. You love each moment before you! 

Future Self

You’ve landed, and landed well. And from this vantage point, you eagerly anticipate what’s ahead. There is so much more to do, explore, and feel into.You celebrate your accomplishments, wisdom, and naturally-inherited goodness. You’ve reclaimed all of the aspects of your sweet self you previously abandoned. 

Most importantly, the key place you might now especially consider organizing around, and moving from, is your heart. Let it be your midlife mojo superpower — the heart has been found have an electromagnetic field 5,000 times greater than the brain! So harmonize all aspects of your functioning from your beautiful heart-center, radiating outward. Meet the world with as open a heart as you can offer. From there, let yourself feel exquisitely whole, beautiful, and free. Embrace complete self-acceptance. Rest peacefully there. Until, of course, your midlife mojo summons your heart in a new direction!


Maria Sylvester, MSW, CPC is a certified Life Coach in Ann Arbor, MI who loves empowering
adolescents, adults, and couples to live from the HEART of what really matters to them so that
they can bring their fully expressed, vibrant selves into the world. She has a special gift for helping
women reclaim their feminine power, and embrace their radiant, sensual, sexy spirits. Their lives
transform. They soar into their mid-life magnificence!